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There is no way to measure the importance of articles to web based companies and websites. The things helped by articles are making the business work and therefore being able to make money on line. Remember as an owner or operator of a website, one of the most important things you can do for the good of your business is to include articles into making your site work for you.

Articles are often times the things that send most of the traffic to our sites and blogs. Articles help our sites get much higher rankings in the search engines. You need to have as high a ranking as possible to get more traffic. The larger your traffic flow, the more apt you are to have an increase in profits. You can then also offer more money making ideas to your readers.

Considering all this, there are certain things that are necessary for your articles to work as well as they can and therefore catch the interest of your readers. We will now look at 2 or 3 things that will help when writing articles for your site or blog. Articles must contain certain content in the way of how they are written and presented.

* Keywords and their density

First and very important are the keywords that closest describe your products etc. Lots of people just browse on the internet, but we are looking for the ones who know what they want and are ready to buy. These particular people will usually go to a search engine and type in the very thing they are wanting. This could be anything from baby clothes to how to build a castle or anything in between.

The important thing is that you always have keywords directly related to your site or blog. An example of this is when you are trying to sell baby clothes, then your keywords must be connected directly to your baby items. There are several tools on line free and paid to figure out which keywords are the most wanted for any item you might be interested in. Always use these tools to find the best keywords for you to use. Then write articles with good content about your keywords.

Another thing to watch and be very aware of, is the number of times you use these words in your articles. This is called keyword density. Article content must have a certain amount of times the keyword is used, probably around 3%. If there are too many keywords comparatively to total words, then it looks like you are an eager beaver. This may cause the search engines to look right over you.

Then if there are too few keywords, the search engines might totally ignore you because it looks like you are not really into this for the long haul.

* Article Content must be good Information

You must remember that you can't just write an article filled with the right keywords and think that will work. Of course it will not work. The information you write must be considered as good reading material along with good information in the content to be helpful to those who are looking for help with the keywords that you are using to represent your site or blog. You must always pay attention to the spelling and grammar in your articles. Incorrect spelling etc. will send visitors away from your site very quickly. You are trying to establish trust along with other things through your site.

Most people like facts, figures and statics about things they are interested in. You should look for good information and as many facts about your subject as you can find. People will begin to look at you as an expert in your field if you make sure to write well and give good information.

* Links for your Articles

Another thing not to forget are the links your articles need in order to send your visitors to your website or blog. When you submit your articles to ezines and directories and/or contribute them to newsletters and other sites, don't forget your link. You can add a small resource box with a brief description about your site with your links included. This resource box should be placed directly under your article when you submit them. If the visitors like your article and information, they will likely click your link and visit you site or blog. What you have there as a recommendation as a solution for their problem may be exaactly what they are looking for and they will make a purchase from you.

Street Talk


I would like to emphasize the power of quality writin in your articles. From a search engines perspective, content is a string of words that have a kw density, length, links, and latent semantic index qualities. From a visitors perspective, an article needs to be engaging, interesting, helpful and informative to be of quality. If it only appeals to search engines you are really working backwards and going forward the benefits of your authoring will be limited. Write quality, share-worthy content and the rankings will take care of themselves.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you Kyle for your comment. I'm trying hard to get this right and it was so foreign to me when I started that it has been a steep road. I'm so pleased to have been sent to Wealthy Affiliate to help me learn. You know then that I'm learning as I write. The funny thing is that when I was writing the part about the search engines I was questioning myself about that information. I thought I added that the content had to be informative and interesting, but the part about the search engines overpowered that. I'll remove the last article and change that information if that is ok to do.

  about 1 decade ago

Don't be concerned about past work. Don't get me wrong, seo is still important in your writing, but don't let it override the quality of your writing. Google and other search engines are starting to look at many other aspect.s including social.... That is why writing For reader interest is critical. It really always has it is just that is has become a trend to try to fool google, but they will always catch up.

  about 1 decade ago
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