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Review Of Wealthy Affiliate
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Review Of Wealthy Affiliate

Today, I wanted to share my review of Wealthy Affiliate University. You might have already came across this internet marketing online school and you might have read positive reviews about it already. However, I know that you still wanted to make sure that this is really a good place for you before signing up to it. I was in your exact place before so today I wanted to help you. I want you to read this article until the end for you to see if this program is really for you or not. I don't like to be biased here focusing only on the positive side. I'll surely say a lot of good things about this place because I really experienced and learned many awesome things here. However, I also would like to share some negative things that I experienced inside.

Ups About Wealthy Affiliate

Here are the ups that I can say about my review of Wealthy Affiliate University.

1. Allows You to Set Up Your Own Site Easily

I know nothing about website development before but just by following simple instructions here, I was able to make my very first website in just minutes. It was really easy though to be honest, there were also some part where I was also lost and don't know where I was going. Well, I think this is but normally to anything that you do for the first time. When I already made my second and third sites, things were already easy.

Another cool things is of course the free hosting that the program provides. I'm now a platinum member and I'm happy that I can make as many websites I want and host them all here for free.

2. Great Internet Marketing Education

Almost everybody says that the education about internet marketing that Wealthy Affiliate provides is the best. Well, to be honest, I'm really not sure about that because I never tried any other program out there for me to compare. What I'm sure though is that, the education that I received (and continue receiving) here is really great! the cool thing is, I can apply right away what I'm learning.

3. Great Support

All the members including the owners who are Kyle and Carson are always offering some help inside. I can't tell you how many times I got stuck but got helped by many other members. Of course, in return I'm also giving a few help to those new comers who are asking basic questions.

4. Others

There are so many other good things that I'm enjoying inside that I cannot really mention all of them here. Some of them are the WA jobs where I got paid offering services to other members, chat feature where I can throw questions and get answers right away, forum for discussions, great tools for internet marketing, and others.

Downs About Wealthy Affiliate

As I said, I wanted to be fair so I'll discuss some down things that I experienced as well. This is just my personal experience so it might be different from what others might say. Here are then the downs that I can say about my review of Wealthy Affiliate University.

1. Get's You Lost Somehow

There were many times I got lost inside specially when I was just starting here. Some directions are just scattered everywhere so its hard to focus sometimes. It's a good thing that there are so many materials that I can open and learn but they just give me information overload sometimes.

2. Get's You Frustrated Sometimes

Though Wealthy Affiliate clearly says that you'll not get rich quickly here, I admit I was still expecting to produce some amounts of money as I go. They say that the success in terms of money differs from every member and that's right. I saw some who are already gaining big amount of money in just first month. Me and some others however are not yet gaining that much even after three months already. Some said that they even waited for a year for them to have a good income making money online.


To conclude my about my review of Wealthy Affiliate University, I can say that you'll surely get a high quality education about internet marketing here but don't expect to make money right away. If that's what you wanted then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you. To be honest, at the time of this writing, I just made a few sales. I admit it's all my fault though because i didn't know what I was doing really. I failed but I'm not giving up. I'm determined to make more new sites that will give me more success. Thanks for reading my review of Wealthy Affiliate University.

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