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Review Of Wealthy Affiliate University - Overload
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So does Wealthy Affiliate University really make you a wealthy affiliate marketer? If you're asking that question then you probably aren't a member yet. If it's because you're skeptical, then you have all the right to be! There are too many scam programs out there to instantly trust a community offering to help you make money at home. I've made enough articles warning people about those dangers.

My Goal to be the Best

I'm writing this review of Wealthy Affiliate University to give you my perspective of being part of the WA community and how it helped me start. Back in 2009 I became unemployed. I was left with my family and the infinite possibilities of the internet. I wanted to find a work at home career which lead me to learning more about Affiliate Marketing and its potential to gain me constant massive income.

After I made the decision to make a reliable recurring income through working at home and to never burden my family again, I joined Wealthy Affiliate University. The benefits I constantly get updated on each year by them has lead me to making a review of Wealthy Affiliate University, where I can personally tell you how they helped me succeed.

Review of Wealthy Affiliate University - Expect To Learn Fast

They have 100's of different lesson's and a few important lessons that are quicker to access. Practically all the lessons relate to mastering the Affiliate Marketing genre of Internet Marketing, thus the name being Wealthy "Affiliate" University.

They suggest you start with the beginner lessons to further understand which promoting path to choose from. You can either learn to become an Article Markter or learn the PPC Marketing method. I chose to become an Article Marketer because It's the free route and a good leverage for future PPC marketing.

Review of Wealthy Affiliate University - I Still Often Use Their Tools

WA gives it's members 11 tools (not including shared tools in forums) that each have their own lesson guide to understanding how they work. Since I'm an Article Marketer I use use those tools often to help me research the correct keywords for maximum traffic potential, optimizing and keeping track of every article I write, and building a website I can easily manage to rank first on a Google search.

Review of Wealthy Affiliate University - Getting Help is Easy

One of the first tasks they give to the new members is to introduce yourself to the Wealthy Affiliate community through either the forums or WA Spaces. I've made quite a few friends with the members of WA, they constantly write blogs about how their Internet Marketing lives are going and share their knowledge on the subject. The owners Kyle & Carson also allow you to email them if you need specific help.

A Few of My Personal Cons I Have With WA

This review of Wealthy Affiliate University isn't only going to talk about the glamour of WA, I have some cons I'd like to share that might trouble you once you're a member. It's easy to find your way around these cons and eventually you won't notice them at all.

(1) Overload on Info At first there was just so many lessons and different plans, I felt a little bit lost and frustrated on where to start. Kyle & Carson has update the site to feature a getting started course. After I took that course, I was able to steady my pace and learn gradually to understand that Article Marketing was the way I needed to go.

(2) Slow Forum Replies Occasionally you'll notice a few threads that aren't getting any replies even though there is plenty of members that are willing to share knowledge. Usually it's because they weren't too specific on their problems. I try to make sure the community understands exactly what problem I'm facing whenever I post on the forums.

Other than a few minor cons that have practically been resolved over the years, I can say that my review of Wealthy Affiliate University has shown you exactly what benefits to expect by being part of the community.

I'm Kenn Pyon and I've been on the road to mastering Article Marketing by using the knowledge I've learned from Wealthy Affiliate University. Taking these internet marketing classes provided by them on a constant basis is what started my dream, that has now come true.

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