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Six Steps To Successful Online Business Set Up And Promotion
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Do you want a Successful Online Businesses? Not sure? Well how familiar does this sound?

It is Monday morning, it is five thirty AM, the alarm clock has just gone off and the weekend is over and your going to have to get up and go to work in the driving wind and rain of a cold November day. Depressed yet, no! It is the middle of the month, the freezer is full, it is Friday night, it is a frozen pizza and a night in front of the Television without a beer as it is still two weeks to pay day. Depressed now. Getting there!. You want to set up an online business and learn how to promote your business. Alright, it is your summer vocation, you are going to paint the decking, work on the car to get another year out of it hopefully,do a bit of decorating, not a lot a it is expensive these days for paint etc, and that new bath room will need to wait and perhaps if things are better next year you might be able to get away for a vacation. That's it I've had enough I want out. I want more, I want to be in control.

This is Leverage, when the pain of your present circumstances is greater than the pain of fear of failure then it is time to take massive action. You don't need to re-invent the wheel, you just need to copy the pioneers that have gone before you and set up a Successful Online Business

Website Set Up

You need a website, as this is what the majority if not all successful online entrepreneurs have done. Some may have a website but specialize in video promotion that take you straight to an affiliate link, but most online market businesses have a website. The style and content needs to be professional and hold the attention of the visitor, however it doesn't necessarily have to be a killer site, as it more to do with the number of visitors that will decide if the online business is a failure or not.

If you have the skills or the knowledge or even the patience then a website template generation site is a good place to get your website up and running, all you have to do is decide what your niche is and set up your website to promote your niche.

For most of us starting out this is not an option, what we want is to get our website up and running and for us there is two choices, 1. Pay a website generation company to professionally set up our website or 2. get a free website designed and set up and fully functional at one of the numerous companies that will set up a website for free. If you are new to home business online opportunities, make sure that the company is ethical and honest.

Web Hosting and Domain Name

These two are pre-requisite to building any online website.

Domain Name

This is simple the name of your website, eg, "joeswebsite", this is the name that people will put into a web search to find you on the internet. You just can't get on the internet without one it would be like having a house with no address and the postman (search engine) wouldn't know where to post the letter.(The visitor's to your site)

Web Hosting

This allows you to store your website on the internet, it is safe, it is fast and it is secure, quite simply it allows you to be seen and found on the internet, through your id that has been assigned to your website via the host. This doesn't have to be expensive but some have a better reputation than others you just have to do a bit of homework, some of these hosting sites may even offer affiliate programs which you can sell on to other people or businesses when they are setting up they're .

Free Traffic Generation

When it comes to generating traffic this is the main difference between success and failure. There are dozen's of different ways in which this can be done, Social Networks, Blogs, Video Blogs, Pay Per Click, SEO's, and Article Writing.

Article writing works because it a good article with good content and Golden Nugget Keywords creates links to your website. The more links you create, the more clicks you get, the more sales you make, it is really that simple. Now, you can write articles yourself, just like I am doing right now and submit it to as many article sites as possible, be original with each article as most article submission companies don't like the same article that they are publishing appearing on another competitors submission site.

There are literally millions of Articles getting published each day, if you have five your results aren't going to be as good as if you have five thousand articles published. It is simple, the more content you have on the internet, the more traffic you will generate.

Golden Nugget Keywords

This is how you get visitors to your articles, blogs, video blogs etc, These are simple the word and sentences that are being searched on, the secret is to find the golden nugget keywords that relate to your website that when used correctly in your promotion methods will result in traffic being directed to your website with maximum effect. If your content and golden nugget keywords are good then even if you have five thousand published articles then you will not get the traffic that you desire.

Social Book Marking

These are sites where you can post a link to your articles like this one, these count as back links, and improve you article ranking and eventually increase the traffic that is generated to your website, thus increasing the sales that you are making. Try to sign up to as many Social Book Marking sites as you can, and as a rule add two or three links to your article and drive traffic to your articles.

As A Final Thought to Six Steps to Successful Online Business Set Up

It takes time to create good marketing strategies, for instant results that are more immediate the paid strategies are the way to go, but I am presuming that you don't have a lot of spare cash to invest and as a result i would suggest that you get writing articles and submit as to as many article submission sites as you can. Try to write a blog a day and choose wisely where you submit your articles. Learn about keywords. And promote your website, as you get more noticed then the more traffic you will get and the more sales you will make. This in turn will allow you to employ the services of the paid promotion method, which will also mean that you will need to do less of the work yourself and get greater rewards for doing so.

You'll be to coin a phrase "working smarter not harder" It is in the efforts and commitment at the beginning of your business that you will through time be able to relax a bit and watch the results of your efforts come in almost on autopilot.

Remember that cold windy, rainy Monday morning when the alarm clock went off at five thirty in the morning. This is now a thing of the past, and all it took was a bit of leverage, making a start, and a bit of effort.

Wishing you all the best with your goals and desires.

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