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Small Investment Business Ideas - Learn From Eminem
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Small Investment Business Ideas - Learn From Eminem

Do you want to own your own business but have no idea where to start? Are you lacking inspiration and perhaps the capital required to launch your own company? It's a common problem for many potential entrepreneurs who dream of one day, being their own boss. For some, they have great business ideas but they lack the capital required to put their brainwaves into action. For others, they have the necessary financial backing but are stumped when it comes to where to invest their hard earned cash. Small investment business ideas are few and far between but with a little latteral thinking, you can get a business off the ground without spending much money at all. In fact, you can start a business without investing a single dime.

Learn From Eminem

If you're one of the lucky ones who manages to generate small investment business ideas then make it a habit to record these flashes of brilliance by writing them down. For those who have seen "Eminem" in the film "8 Mile" there is a lesson to learned. Eminem plays a down on his luck rapper who is striving for stardom. There's a scene where he takes a bus ride home and is scrawling his thoughts and ideas down on a scrap of paper. Admittedly, these are not small investment business ideas. He is simply jotting down ideas for his next rap but the concept is the same.

Often times, you will be taking the train, riding in a cab ride or just sat out in the park on a lunch break. During times like these and you will have small investment business ideas that flash through your mind. However, how many of these ideas do you think go to complete waste? You see, once your journey or lunch break is over, your mind becomes filled with all the other day to day clutter. Those sparks of brilliance you had simply fall by the wayside and drift into obscurity. In other words, those great ideas get forgotten about.

Write It Down

It was after watching the film "8 Mile" that I started carrying a little pocket size book and pen where ever I went. When ever I was alone with my thoughts I would pull out my pocket book and pen and just write my random, small investment business ideas down in black and white. This sounds so basic but the reality of it is that none of your ideas go to waste. They can always be recalled at a moments notice.

Taking Action

Having these great ideas is one thing but if you fail to act on any of them then you will never realise your small investment business ideas potential. Imagine if Thomas Eddison had never taken any action. His idea of the light bulb has transformed the way we see the world. However, if he had allowed it to remain as just one of those small investment business ideas and never taken any action then the world could be a very dark place indeed. Take action and watch your small investment business ideas become a reality.

Street Talk

Hey AJ, My little black book goes with me everywhere. You just never know when you will have a "light bulb" moment. Many of my articles and keywords come from everyday occurences and things that I experience. Being able to jot them down as and when ensure these ideas never get forgotten.

  about 1 decade ago

Your article is a clear reminder that I need to carry a small notepad with me wherever I go to record my ideas for future articles. They always come to me at the most inconvenient times and locations. Thank you!

  about 1 decade ago
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