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Sme's And Internet Marketing
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Sme\'s And Internet Marketing

Small and Medium Enterprise, a term predominantly used in USA, are the companies whose profit margin falls below certain limits. The abbreviation "SME", is often used in the European Union and by international organizations such as the World Bank, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. Internet marketing is described as marketing or advertising a website online accomplished through the use of a number of tools and techniques, which are readily available on the internet. These tools tend to be relatively inexpensive and fairly easy to use for any business no matter its size or stature.

For SME's traditional methods of marketing such as Radio, TV or newspapers are no longer a felicitous or tempting way to reach the targeted audience taking into consideration that money is always a big constraint. As a matter of fact, the traditional methods of marketing are both ineffective and expensive and for the SME's that plan to grow at a rapid rate, ignoring the World Wide Web is a mistake that they cannot afford to make. More than ever, people have started searching for information about products and services on the Internet.

Online Marketing is always considered as a cost effective way of marketing because not all forms of online marketing need to be paid. There are times when article publishers are users themselves, blog owners or those with a social media network account. SME's should follow the strategy "Observe, Adapt, Improvise". Begin with observing simple things like how to design a website, how to pick up a profitable niche. Then design a simple website - putting out information about the SME and its products and services for all to see - at the same time creating database of possible potential customers and making quick contacts. And, finally generating traffic on social media introducing their product and services.

Internet marketing for small business has the power to:-

  • Generate a large customer base for you.
  • Target consumers who are already very interested in your product.
  • Track every single piece of content you put on the web for your business.

But, the road to success is always the toughest one. If building a website on internet for the sake of it and then comfortably resting on a couch, popcorn in one hand and a soft drink in another is what makes you think will pour cash on you from all sides!!! Then you are making a big mistake. Even writing good content articles sometimes just don't help. You need to sell, market your website.

Internet marketing for small business is all about relevance. It's an art of some form. So, before building a website or writing an article you need to toil hard researching on your niche. Whether your niche will be able to attract wide range of customer base?? Or is your product relevant to today’s consumer?? How can you be sure that people will follow your website or read your articles when they have tons of similar topics available on internet?? All kinds of such head-scratching and mind-wobbling questions need answers. They play an important part in the making of a profitable website.

But, guess what???...the donkey work is still not over!!! Just when you start to think that everything is in order and you are through with the uphill battle of building up your niche website with a couple of good content-articles and you will certainly get a good traffic, that's the very moment you realize that it's not that easy. There are several competitors awaiting you at the grandest stage.

No, there is absolutely no intention to discourage anyone but the intention is to just acquaint you, specially the SME's with the fact that you need to be obsessed with the proper techniques of internet marketing and its institutions.

As I had mentioned earlier, connecting with the customers is a pre-requisite for any business and there is no better way to bond with the customer but marketing through the internet. You need to offer free, valuable and validated information to the people in order to attract them to your blog or website. To make sure that people find you need to use the same words that people are searching for when describing your products or services. It means that when you write the content for your website or blog, you use the same keywords that people are typing into the search engines. SME's need to incline themselves towards spending their limited resources in making more user attractive and more functional web sites.

Similarly, Social media forms an indispensable part of the marketing plan. One of the most important criteria behind every successful enterprise is communication. And there is no other channel more popular than social media to do so. Social media provides a channel for direct communication between SME's and their customer base. With the growth of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and many others news can travel quickly and be propagated to thousands of people within minutes. This creates a huge opportunity for SME's to get their voice heard online, even without the huge marketing budgets that many larger companies have in comparison.

Article marketing also needs to be done in a proper way. Writing a good content article is no child's play. If u want to attract customers towards reading your article or maybe even subscribing to it, you need to put in contents which connect to the readers. You should be able to communicate with your readers, arouse interest in them of what more is to come and make sure they follow all of your articles. Writing long articles is not the only way to attract readers. As a matter of fact some readers might also ignore reading long articles. So, it's very important to write "to the point" articles which connects to your readers.

There is no time to waste. Now is the time for SME's. Media consumption is moving to the internet at a rapid pace, while at the same time the tools and techniques available to help a small business market their website online are relatively inexpensive to use and increasingly accessible and abundant online.

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