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So You Want To Be An Internet Marketer
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So You Want To Be An Internet Marketer

Since the early 1990's people have been surfing the all powerful "Information Highway" we call the Internet. We found we could communicate quickly, build a web presence, transfer files back and forth, and even make money.

Now it's the start of 2013 and making money online has gone through so many changes and variations. But in all this time, and from now until Jesus comes again, there is one fact that will not change in Internet Marketing. That is, people will NOT buy from you if they can't find you. That's why we call it Internet Marketing.

You can have an Internet business, but the business of having that business online is done through "Marketing". It is marketing that makes you money. It's not the product, it's not the website. It's not the sales page. It is about getting people to the website, to the sales page, and to the product.

Too ofter people look at the Internet and see so many other successful people (or so they claim to be successful) making money online. And not just small amounts of money either. So these misinformed people figure they can do it. Will a little research they find it is called Internet Marketing. But that is where their true understanding of marketing typically stops.

Marketing is a way of leveraging people's attention and interests into looking at your product and/or service. Marketing begins to take on a whole new world when you start to see the various pieces to marketing and how they can work for you.

There are tons of business psychology books on the market and I would strongly recommend you take a look at some. Even though I studied it in school I still find new tricks and tips to use to help encourage buyers to actually buy.

If you own a website, I hope you have control over it. Many people rely on these pre-built sites that cannot be modified very much. When you have your own control you can change things like headline boldness and colors, inviting pictures and images, complete website color schemes and themes. All of these things affect the buying potential of the visitors to that site.

The job of an Internet Marketer is to "Market" the products or services they are selling. They build lists of potential buyers by getting them to give up their name and email address. To do this they use squeeze pages that offer inexpensive or free information or products. Once they have this list, it becomes easier to market because all the have to do is send a marketing email directly to the potential buyer. This is why there is a phrase that says, "The money is in the list".

Whatever you want to sell online, whatever service you have to offer, if you want to make money for them you MUST market. Post article, comment on blogs and forums, setup solo ads, setup classified ads, use marketing companies to help you if you can afford it. These are just a few ways to market. But the bottom line is you have to market.

God bless!

TJ Moore

Street Talk


You are so right. Sadly people will buy into the next big IM product, or software, thinking it will happen overnight. Not ture. Onlinemarketing is a business jsut as any other business. To succeed, you must market, market, market without stopping.

  about 1 decade ago
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