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Start Your Own Business From Home
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Start Your Own Business From Home

You can start your own business for less than $200; Just like I did and, run it from home if you choose to; Just like I do.

Most people don't realize this but, it is possible to start a home based business with a low start up cost and make thousands of dollars a month. But what you make depends on yourself. You get out of life what you put in and, by no means is this a get rich quick scheme. It takes time, effort, and persistence to get where you want to be.

As for the type of business i'm recommending, I recommend Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, or both. But first i'm going to start off by telling you about Network Marketing.

Network marketing goes like this. There are certain companies that offer a Network Marketing opportunity and, they market their products and/or services through people. People pay to join these companies through a sponsor (a network marketer of the company known as an upline to the people they sponsor) and in exchange they gain the right to sell these companies products and/or services as their own as well as recruit others (Known as a downline to the people who sponsor them) into the company. Each company has their own unique compensation plan and individuals get paid on a monthly basis, usually based on a point system with points being acquired by selling products and/or services. As well as acquiring points based on what your downlines sells too (You get a percentage of your downlines profit based on how many points they have for the month, but at the same time you don't take from theirs).

Pros of a Network Marketing business: Low overhead cost (cost to run the business), low start up cost, it has no employees, you can do it part time or full time anywhere, and it's a possible path to financial freedom. Also once you have a number of downline you don't have to work as hard anymore because everything your downline does you profit from also. The more downline the better. Also the type of income you earn from a network marketing business is known as a passive income, I list this as a pro because it is possible to pay 0% taxes on passive income depending on your financial education. There are three kinds of income. Earned income (Wages from a job) which typically gets taxed 40-60%, Portfolio income which gets taxed 20% typically (Buying for the low and selling for the high), and passive income (Income that comes in every month, quarter, or year, sometimes whether you work OR not depending on how you design the system of your business or if you own real estate or stock that pays a dividend.) Passive income typically comes from businesses, real estate, and dividends from stock. I would go into this more but this is a talk for another day. However if you follow my articles regularly this topic will definitely be covered in future articles.

Cons of a Network Marketing business: Money is harder to make without a downline, also if you have a particular downline and their respective organization spans a few levels down and they quit the company there goes a chunk of your income. Uplines can also be kind of annoying (LOL) always asking you to attend meetings and the such..... lol. People can also be annoying and tell you that you're involved in a ponzi scheme (fools) or that you aren't going to make any money from it as many people really are misinformed or mal informed about network marketing. But yeah that's pretty much it for the cons, I can't think of anything else at the moment. But if you follow my articles regularly and if I figure out any more cons I will discuss them in future articles.

Now last but not least, Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell is selling other peoples products. How Affiliate Marketing works is that certain companies offer an affiliate program to market and sell their products and/or services in exchange for a commission and, when you join the program you become an affiliate. Commission rates vary depending on the company. Now here are the pro's and con's of Affiliate Marketing.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing: Like Network Marketing it has low overhead cost, no employees, and you can do it part time or full time as well as it being a possible path to financial freedom. It (Like Network Marketing) does not have any employees either. But the biggest pro of all in my opinion is that it does not cost any money to become an Affiliate Marketer. You can also do it anywhere you are as long as you have a computer. You also earn a passive income which as I stated above can legally be taxed at 0%

Cons of Affiliate Marketing: Typically you need an online presence (a website) to do affiliate marketing. If you are not computer savvy it may be difficult. Also if you do not know how to set up a website, drive traffic to your site and convert that traffic to sales you won't make money. But lucky for you I can help with that. Thats pretty much it for now, if any more cons come to mind they will be covered in future articles.

Thank you for reading my article I appreciate it.



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