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Stop The Next Shiny Object Syndrome!
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Stop The Next Shiny Object Syndrome!

Internet Marketing is Not What You Think!

So buckle up and get ready for the ride. If you are serious about becoming the next Guru. Take a step back and get ready for the biggest surprise of you life. Stop The Next Shiny Object Syndrome! What is that you ask?? it is the biggest trap you will fall into before you know it. It happens to everyone when they first get started. I mean everyone, from the newbie to the not so newbie.. It just happens.

One day you are sitting at the computer looking for ways to make a money online. You think. I found the system this is it. You join the List for Joe Internet Marketer. You Dive In Your Raring To Go!! Your reading away at how the system works.

You become frustrated with the awesome shiny object or system to get you going. But you find your lost. What do you mean. I have to watch 47 newbie video's on. How to create a domain name, get hosting, learn to FTP, use a C-panel Dashboard.. What is all this stuff, I just want to make money. So you join another list and another, and another. They are all feeding you freebie's. But then all of a sudden. Your sitting there and they start telling you you need to buy this product or tools. So you can advance to the next step.

The Only Way to Not Get Caught in the Trap. Is to know what you really want to do. What do I mean by that. You have to really know what your wanting to do. Whats your Passion. What are you trying to Market. There are a million and one things online that one can do. But you have to Start from step one. It is not easy at all. You have to be dedicated to your path. You have to stick to it.

The money is not going to roll in over night. Whoever tells you that is the one to run from and fast. It's not easy there are a lot of people and systems out there. I have been through the ringer let me tell you and I have the email's to prove it.

What You Need to Ask Yourself Before you even Start.

  • What is your passion.
  • What are your interest's.
  • What are you looking for out of it.

Take out a some paper grab a pen, start writing out the Goals you have. You will want to do this every day. I mean that daily goals. You have to stay focused to your goals. I was introduced to a Community First based System. a couple years back I fell off the tracks, I have been through the ringer and back.

Trying to learn the ropes. There are a lot to learn. Wealthy Affilite is the place to get started You will not find a better group of people willing to help at all times.

The Next Shiny Object Syndrome can become the death of you!! The best way to not get involved in it is to create a direct plan. You have to know what your wanting to build as your Company / Brand. You must stay on track.

Lets Recap Here.

What is the next Shiny Object Syndrome it is this. When you start signing up for list after list of potential teachers that want to sell you their latest and greatest system. Always casing the freebie. and not getting to work. It can be along road to making money. But it doe not have to be.

The Key to making it is to learn one system that works for you that you can repeat. No matter what it is your selling / Marketing. Take it on Step at a time and you are golden. Just remember it is not a game it is a career.

see you on the other side.

Street Talk


You are right.

  about 8 years ago

Alexeis thank you for your comment. Would you add to it some more.. What points do you like and think are right.

  about 8 years ago
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