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Take This Quiz - Is An Internet Business For You?
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Take This Quiz - Is An Internet Business for You?

Today we're talking about how you can tell if an internet business is actually for you. I've put together a quiz so that you can rate how ready you are for an internet business.

Everyone has heard about people who make thousands, or millions, of dollars on line and undoubtedly there ARE a lot of people pulling in that sort of money with an internet business - but what makes them so special? Why do they succeed when so many others try and fail to ever make one single sale?

What are the real skills, tools, and secrets you need to succeed?

The single most important factor to building an internet business that is successful is You.

There are also a whole host of other important factors such as finding and understanding your market, finding and understanding your product line, building your website, making sure your website is found by search engines, driving traffic to the website, customer service, quality control etc. etc. etc. I will cover these types of topics in the coming weeks - but this week - we are talking about You. Have you got what it takes to succeed with an internet business?

Take this Quiz to find out.

For each statement, do you?

SA Strongly Agree

A Agree

U Unsure

D Disagree

SD Strongly Disagree

Remember - be honest with yourself and really think about your answers.

How Ready Am I For An Internet Business?

Q1. I love computer based work

Q2. I love to learn

Q3. I know exactly what I want to market online

Q4. I give most new projects I undertake about a month, if I dont see any results I move onto the next one

Q5. I like to have a lot of things all on the go at once

Q6. I read and write very well

Q7. I really need money, right now

Q8. I am willing to commit long hours to make my internet business work

Q9. I have almost no knowledge of how to make money with an internet business

Q10. I have $1000 start up capital

Q11. I am a self starter and work well alone

Q12. I am a very organised person

Now, let's check your answers:

Q1. I love computer based work.

If you have scored a Strongly Agree or Agree then an internet business may be a possibility for you. If you have scored Unsure, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree then it will be very hard for you to motivate yourself to truely succeed online unless you are prepared to invest money into getting people to do a lot of the hard work for you. There are plenty of people that will do this.

Q2. I love to learn.

Again if you have selected SA or A, then an internet business may be for you. If you are unsure, disagree, or strongly disagree you will struggle. The reason for this is that the internet is very fast paced. To learn internet skills, keep up with new technologies, new methods of contacting your market, new rules imposed by Google, etc. etc. you need to be learning constantly. Unfortunately these stories of people just setting and forgetting a site and earning money while they are at the beach are a little misleading. Don't get me wrong - they can work for a period of time, (and I do know plenty of people who can still earn internet income while they are on holiday) but without constantly monitoring your business and adapting with changes, your sales will eventually slip and you will miss out on a sustainable income stream.

Q3. I know exactly what I want to market online.

The significance of this question relates to your starting point. If you already know your product, have you had experience with it offline? Do you know the market well? Can you transfer a lot of your skills and knowledge to an online internet business? If you have no idea what product you wish to market, or do not have much experience with your chosen product, then you will need to get some good information on selecting your market and your products. It will likely take more time for you to get things up and running and earning an income compared to someone with experience in their market, although there are exceptions to this.

Q4. I give most new projects I undertake about a month, if I dont see any results I move onto the next one.

If you have selected Strongly Agree or Agree to this one, an Internet marketing business may not be for you. It does take time to build up an internet business and one of the most common failings is that people give up too quickly. They decide a product isn't working for them when they havent given time for proper SEO (search engine optimisation), backlinks, and the full effects of a proper marketing campaign. Contrary to much you will read on the web, an intenet business is not simply joining clickbank and selecting a product and sticking it on a blog or website. A proper Internet Business has many of the requirements of a bricks and morter business, and you need to love (and believe in) your product for best results.

Q5. I like to have a lot of things all on the go at once.

This question is about your working style. If you have chosen SA or A to this question, then provided you have answered SA, or A to Q12, you may be fine with an internet business. If you are too scattered you run the risk of doing 5 things poorly and becoming quickly despondent with the results, rather than one thing well. If you answered U, D, or SD to this question then you probably prefer a methodical approach to your business and this can be a great asset. If you really need a lot of things on the go, then try to at least keep them within one or two markets so that you can build a good reputation in your field and also capitalise on any customer lists you start to build.

Q6. I read and write very well.

If you answered SA or A to this question, then you have a big head start as much of the information to learn from the web is through reading (although there are increasing materials on utube and other video formats). Also, the main way of reaching your market is through words. That said, if you do not write well you can still succeed. If your writing is very poor, you can pay people to write content for you. If you writing is so-so, then keep your messages simple and make sure you use a spell check. People who do not write well have made it with an internet business by understanding the principles of marketing and advertising. Often you do not need to communicate above a grade 6 level to succeed. Video is now easy to create, and if you don't write well - make videos to market your product.

Q7. I really need money, right now.

If you are desperate for money, and need it now, then you would be better off finding paid work and working on your internet business as you can, part time. There are online jobs you can get such as writing copy for people and using other marketing skills, but it is hard to be well paid for this until you have established a good reputation. Most people who have been able to give up their day job have taken at least twelve months of consistant part time work on their internet business to achieve this, many take two to five years. Of course the time it takes you to be successful depends a lot on how much time and effort you put in, and the tools and support you select to help you on your way. You can do it faster - but if you are going to fast track you will probably require some startup money to supplement free traffic generation techniques with paid ones.

Q8. I am willing to commit long hours to make my internet business work

If you answered SA or A, then you have a much greater chance of success than if you selected U, D, or SD. I can’t remember how many hours I put in to learn internet skills before making my first online dollar - but it was alot! If you do not put enough 'blocks of time' in, it is hard to get your groove, and to keep on track with all the things you have to do to make the internet business tick over properly. If you are starting an internet business, then get organised with your time. Set blocks of time to do the work, and keep a 'to do' list handy to keep yourself on track. Timing is important for any sales strategy (either online or in the real world). As you get more experienced, and learn internet business techniques you may find that the hours do not have to be quite so long, but initially expect it to be hard work.

Q9. I have almost no knowledge of how to make money with an internet business.

If you answered D, or SD - then you have a head start! But if you answered SA, A or U, then an online business may still be a real option for you. If you do not know what to do, or where to start, I would strongly recommend you find a reputable online education specialist.

Q10. I have $1000 start up capital.

Having this much starting capital is fairly generous, but not unrealistic. An online business is still a business, and costs money to set up (just a lot less than bricks and morter businesses). There are also recurring monthly costs usually associted with an online business, and it would be a shame to have to give up due to lack of funds before you have been able to give it a proper go. So whether you have $1000 or $100 you will need to think carefully about your budget and plan your activites accordingly.

You will likely buy a website - this may cost under $10 for a new domain, or can cost considerably more for an existing domain with traffic and a good Google ranking.

There is then software that you probably should buy so that you can properly track what is happening - some of these are very good, but might cost something in the order of $20 per month, although some hosting packages offer this service free. You may want an autoresponder service to build an email list which may be another $20 per month. You may want your own 'store' which you may also have to purchase.

Hosting your website might be for free with certain other paid packages, but it is likely to cost you a monthly or annual fee. The cheapest package I've seen is only $1 per month.

Are your products free (e.g. if you are doing affiliate marketing) or do they require some capital? How will servicing and returns be handled - will this impact on your cash flow?

You do not necessarily have to pay for advertising, but advertising is something you will probably want to invest in if you want quicker results. Usually to get traffic you need to either invest your time (for free traffic techniques) or your money (paid ads, PPC etc). If you decide to pay for advertising, don't blow your budget on one campaign. Start small and test your ad.

If you are new to internet marketing, you may also want to invest in some quality training and learn internet tips, techniques and marketing strategies, so that you don’t waste months trying to work things out on your own.

Q11. I am a self starter and work well alone.

Answering SA or A to this is ideal as you will need to often kick-start yourself into action if you are to make money online. It is too easy to get distracted with other internet related things, instead of working on your business! If you are a person who works better with people to motivate you and to communicate with you could either start up your business with a partner - or you could join an online community devoted to working on an internet business.

Q12. I am a very organised person.

An internet business usually takes quite a bit of organisation - particularly if you are marketing to multiple markets (rather than sticking to the same market, but marketing different products). If you are naturally methodical and organised and answered SA or A, your life will be much easier. If, like me, you tend to be a bit disorganised - it is a skill you will need to learn. I find I use a card index file on my desk to keep records of websites, passwords, ideas, etc. I have a plan set up for each week to keep me on track - like a bricks and mortar business - there are certain tasks and actions you must undertake in order to succeed. Organisation skills help you ensure that you are not missing important pieces of work you need to do through procrastination, forgetting, or time limitations.

How did you do?

Do you have what it takes to be start your own internet business? If so, and if you have found this article helpful - keep your eyes open for my next one where we will discuss more on getting an internet business up and running successfully.

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