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The IM Newbie's Sales Funnel Guide !
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The IM Newbie\'s Sales Funnel Guide !

The Newbies Guide to Sales Funnels.

For centuries sales funnels have been in use for everything you could ever imagine. They have been in front of your eyes, and part of your life since day one. You just might not know that they have been. Here is an eye opener for you!! you might know this one but bare with me. Why is it that when you go into the local market or grocery store for milk. It is in the farthest corner at the back of the store. Well because as humans we have the natural ingrained addiction to impulse buying. We just can't help it. We do!! This is the most classic form of a sales funnel.

Your there to get just milk right. But you pass through the isle's and next thing you have milk, and bread. Now you're at the counter. There's the gum and candy rack just calling your name.. oh dang I need a whatever it is, and you grab that too. Bang you're sold. The System worked.

How does this work in the online world. Well basically like I am doing by writing this article. I am opening the door to my sales funnel. The doors been opened to lead you through the funnel step by step till you get brought to the call of action.

This article is the very first step in a sales funnel. At the end you will be ask to click a number of links or social buttons. When you click the link it takes you to part two of the funnel the heavier sale in the system. This could be a direct sales page from any number of sources. For the sake of this article let just say it is a blog. So you clicked the link and now your on my blog for say my newsletter. You read the intro and asked to sign up for future additions of the newsletter. This is what's called a call to action. You take it. Now I have your name and email.

This is your consent for me to contact you in the future with more offers. But More on that later. Here is where it gets into the real system. Your on my site from an article on how to make money online. You click the link in the article. This lick transfers you to a free guide upon sign up on the site. You sign up you get the guide..Your reading the Guide and in the guide it keeps telling you of a great affiliate program. Now the links are really an affiliate link for me. If you click that link and then join the program for free I get an invite credit. You go through the steps you like what you see and you join the program. I get full credit for a sale. bang the funnel worked.

Let me break that down for you, into part's you will understand better. Think of it like a group of pages in a row. page one is the intro to a free offer. Page 2 is a splash, Squeeze and or a landing page to the product. On this page the product is discribed to you and entices you to hit the buy now button. Now your taken to what is an up-sell page or OTO a one time offer only warning page. This page is the pro version of the basic first offer or upgraded product. For the sake of learning. You decided to not take the oto offer. So you click the no thanks not now button or link. This then takes you to a super oto offer on the upgrade for the same offer but at a reduced price. This is called a down sell. Most times and I am sure you have seen them. Are not been the finale offer. Because you get the extra special deal of an even bigger discount.. Honestly that really turns people off. But it does work. But you have to watch out for this cause the goal of a Sales funnel is to get the sale.

The Foundation For a Sales funnel.

Someone one lands on an offer from you for a product they like it. If they buy it. You direct them to a bonus offer of an upgraded version with more features or value. If they Opt Out on the offer you direct them to another offer at a reduced price. If they say no again you can offer it at an even lower price. But that is your final attempt. Why I say that is because they bought a product right you don't want them going away mad that your digging for more.

You always, always want a client or customer walking away happy. Feeling like they got way more for their money. No body likes feeling ripped off right? So leave them feeling like they are getting more, then they bargained for.

If there is one thing I have learnt about marketing and sales it is this. You want to build a relationship of trust with potential customers. I don't like that word for the people, that come in contact with me cause really a customer is just that a customer. I call you Clients. Why because if your still reading this you gained value from this article, and building value means you will return for more value another time. This builds a trust which hopefully bring you back again for more and possible a sale.. That is truly how a Sales funnel works it draw you in leads you through the process and then sends you away happy to return again. Or even better than that you tell your friends and Clients and they come and check it out. Nothing better than word of mouth, or a hit on the social networks to spread the word. I am working on a video version of this process in the coming future. Sales funnels are not that hard to grasp, once you understand them. They come in all kinds versions. You just have to see them then you can create them yourself. Leave me a comment on this article so I can contact you when I have the videos up. Have a great day!!

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