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The Realities Of Marketing
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The Realities Of Marketing

Simple Truths About Marketing:                          


Over the next few days and weeks I am going to be discussing many aspects that have to deal with Internet Marketing.

The reason I am doing this is simple!

I have within the past 3 months made a life decision to get involved in various Online Marketing Strategies with one objective. To make money....

I am not an Internet expert! I am not super rich! I am not expecting to get rich quick either!

What I have been doing however, is spending a lot of time doing Due Diligence and using the Internet to do it. I am researching Online Hosting Companies, Drop Ship Companies, Marketing Trainers and Network Marketing (MLM) Companies.

To do this is exhausting and overwhelming because I always confront the demons that we are all faced with and that is having the SCAM word in the back of our mind, which stops our progression in finalizing our research.

I know personally that I have researched over 1000 sites, blogs, articles and product centers and I can assure you that every time I hit a LINK, I get a call or an email within 24 hours. These emails and calls encompass numerous products and plans and all sorts of things including free trials and free websites.

Well I learned many things in the past 3 months and I kind of decided to look at my situation like this.


If I am going to run a business, I need to make sure that I am prepared to invest in my business. I am not saying that I have to go out and spend six figures, what I am saying is that I will need to invest an ample amount of money as Start Up Costs.

These costs will include Domain Names, Website Development (If Necessary), Training Costs, Monthly Service Fees, Enrollment Fees, Auto Ship Fees (Where Necessary) and various other fees.

Without realizing these NORMAL costs, how can I effectively run a business.


We are in a day and age where the future indicates that we will be doing the majority of our transactions on the Internet. Current figures also show us that the Internet is the fastest growing revenue stream, hence the explosion of Home Based Businesses.

In order for me to become successful (and money doesn't determine that), I clearly understand that I have to get a quick Education and get up to speed on my skills. By having that education I will enable myself to make the proper decisions to become competitive in an immensely competitive market. It is the Internet after all!


Provided that I put in the proper time to teach myself how to become a leader in a vast industry and treat my home based business as a TRUE business, I will allow my self to earn immense amounts of money that will set my goals in achieving the financial freedom I so desire.


If I have any hopes of becoming successful with my home based business, I can no longer have the SCAM word in the back of my mind. What I need to do is treat the Internet as my friend and keep an open mind.

Yes, the Internet is loaded with unethical and immoral persons trying to find ways to get at our pocket books and that is REALITY. But again lets keep an open mind and also accept the fact that the Internet is loaded with highly educated, ethical and moral persons, like myself that are trying to help others learn and grow their businesses. That is also a REALITY!

Over the next few days and weeks I will get more into detail about some of the Positive Results I achieved while researching Internet Marketing Training and Education. This will be useful if you are truly looking at investing some solid time to become a Home Based Business Operator.

I will give you some choices to look at that so far have presented themselves as completely legitimate and ethical.

Just as a reminder, keep in mind that you too will get a lot of emails and calls from sites you reviewed and never let anyone person or company representative pressure you into a sale. There is absolutely no need to sign up on the spot. Every second of the day there is always going to be a legitimate and truly valuable offer available to you so you can begin your business.

Do your homework as I have done and you will be able to source the proper tools you need to get started without the fear of SCAMS.

If you want something to look at today, I have reviewed the sites below and have found them to be very reasonable and interesting. They can very much help you with getting started.

Talk soon...

Street Talk



  about 9 years ago
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