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Time Spent Researching VS Time Spent Working On Your Online Business
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Time Spent Researching VS Time Spent Working on Your Online Business

At the beginning, most of us need to spend some time on research to find out what business and what approach to internet marketing suit us most. But how do you know when you are knowledgeable enough and when you can stop reading and start doing? When you have started your online business, how much time do you need to spend daily on research before working or writing or tweaking your website? This is a problem that I believe most of us face especially when we are new to everything but want to attempt at being successful anyway, and if you can, in the shortest time possible.

Clear mindedness is better than clutter

We all want to emulate those who have already succeeded but there are thousands of websites providing useful tips and hints on how to make your business a success in so and so days. You have to admit though that your mind can only absorb so much information and having so many ideas can confuse you and clutter up your brain. It is better to have one concrete idea, plans on how to execute it, and only one or two sources of reference. Staying focused and dedicated to one idea is the best way to ensure a higher chance of succeeding in what you are doing because reading too much causes an information overload and creates stress. It impends you from thinking and acting clearly, affecting your job performance.

Experience is more beneficial than knowledge

If you spend all your time reading, you may be the most knowledgeable person about how to succeed but not the most successful in the business because you have no time to take action! Anyway, what works for other people may not work for you because their methods are not something you may not be comfortable with. Doing is the best way to learn because experience makes you wiser and teaches you what works for YOU. Of course I'm not saying you have to stop doing research, I am just saying it's better to spend more time working on your business than researching because the more you do today, you're that much closer to success!

Research can only take you so far on your journey to become rich and successful

People can't make money only by researching. You have to act on what you have learned to fully benefit from the learning process. Reading and taking people's advice is the easy part, turning them into actions are something I and I think most of you struggle with every day. Hence, I spend about 10% of my time reading tips online and 90% of my time working on my online business because I know I CANNOT just copy the actions of others. I can only work at my own pace and write using my own 'voice'. No matter how much research you do, at the end of the day, you are the one who needs to earn the money for the food on your table.

Are you a big fan of 'less is more'? If you are then you will also believe that it applies in internet marketing as well. Too much research equals too much information and that leads to confusion. Ultimately, you will lose focus of your goal and get lost on the way. So, believe in yourself, your goals and your plans to get there. Strictly accept only very little advice from your research and start working and building your online business empire!

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