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Tips For Hiring A Marketing Assistant
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Tips for Hiring A Marketing Assistant

You know what your business needs to do in order to cultivate new clients and maintain your current client base. You’ve done the research; you’ve seen the line graphs and pie charts, but are you finding it difficult to manage your time efficiently enough to pull it off? If not, it’s time to consider a marketing assistant whose dedicated position is to manage your company’s marketing campaigns and pull off the strategies you’ve put together.

The position of a marketing assistant is typically a position that requires a great amount of skills and detail. They not only have to be well versed in traditional marketing but social media marketing strategies as well. They must stay well versed on both online and offline strategies and be able to use them to you’re your site generate traffic. Depending on your business’ needs, the position will likely be filled by someone with professional marketing and writing experience. The good news is that if you chose a virtual assistant, they can work in your office or from home. In fact, many freelancers have the qualifications to complete their marketing tasks while working at home.

When looking for the right candidate, always ensure that they have:

Great Organization Skills. A marketing assistant often takes care of calendars and events; strong organizational skills keep them on their feet and give them the power to schedule meetings, events and keep track of what’s going on in different areas of your marketing campaign.

Excellent Written and Verbal Skills. Because so much of their job description is writing or communicating with clients, you need to find someone who has a knack for different forms of communication. Grammar and spelling are pivotal to this position, as is the proverbial silver tongue. Depending on your personal needs, your marketing assistant may be the sole provider of content to your website and networks. He may write press releases, descriptions or various reports.

Social Media Knowledge. Social media has become such an integral part of marketing in today’s world; you need someone who is capable of turning a Facebook post or tweet into something consumers are drawn to. Your marketing assistant needs to know her way around the various social media sites; someone with a strong background in working on a computer and the Internet is a must.

Strong Analytical Skills: Your marketing assistant needs to be able to analyze the results of various aspects of your marketing campaigns and strategies; they also need to be able to come up with ideas to tweak your strategies if something is failing or not hitting the mark.

Commitment and Drive to Get the Job Done: The person you choose needs to be able to work well on their own and be driven by deadlines. The marketing assistant needs to be able to set goals for their position, as well as be able to meet any deadlines you or she sets for herself. A demonstrated ability to work under pressure will suit your business well.

When choosing a marketing assistant, select a professional that has all the above-mentioned skills. They should have a strong background in commission sales, outside sales, marketing, writing or management skills. In essence, they should be 100% committed to getting you solid traffic and impress you with their insights into your current campaigns and strategies.

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Yes Rick, experienced marketing assistants are definitely worth hiring.

  about 9 years ago

I've seen these kind of folks at work and boy can they help. Their efficiency and productivity has such a great impact.

  about 9 years ago
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