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Tips For Marketing Your Online Business
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Tips for Marketing Your Online Business

Most people who decide to invest in an online business pour a lot of their money on the website, the latest computer equipment, the business product, packaging, and even a new mobile phone with all the necessary features for working on your online business while on the move. Marketing usually comes as an afterthought when the personal networks have been tapped out and you’re freaking out that traffic has slowed down and orders are not coming in. This is simply not the way to do it but if you’re at this stage, there are ways to fix the situation and come back up on top. Here’s how:

Use Great Content with Effective Backlinks to your Site

Since your business is on the Internet, your words will be your main marketing tool. You need to start coming up with amazing and informative content that will link to your website or blog. Just be careful not to be too aggressive that you get tagged as spam.

Get Serious With Social Media Platforms

One of the biggest mistakes online businesses do is to mix personal with business social accounts. Not only is it going to confuse everyone who becomes a fan of your product, it will expose you to privacy issues far beyond your imagination. Also, it is critical that you know which platform to use and how to use it. The notion that you can just post anything is not a good idea at all. There is a science to the social media marketing that will require a delicate mix to be effective.

Go Mobile

If you’re attached to your mobile phone, then you are one of the millions who would rather lose their wallet than misplace their mobile phone! Knowing this, you must adapt and go mobile with your online business. If you have a website, reformat it for the smaller screen or be automatically rejected by mobile phone Internet users. There are also several very effective marketing strategies geared specifically for mobile phone users who access the net through their phones. That’s a very large market just waiting to hear about your exciting product.

Find an Expert or Professional Marketer

This is like an emergency C-section where you need to get a business boost from someone who can revive your online business or get it started on the right foot. The key to finding this marketing professional is to know what you want and going after the person who has that in spades.

Get Endorsed

This may be a little far-reaching for some but if you can find other websites or even celebrities who will be willing to endorse you, why not? To do this, you will need to find a person who can use your product and then ask! Of course, it is recommended that you pick a local celebrity or personality. You can even arrange for a barter deal so you don’t have to pay for the endorsement in cash. An endorsement is not an ad so don’t worry about it costing a lot of money. Try getting positive feedback from this person and use it to the hilt because that’s the way to start when working with famous people.

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