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Tools You Need To Be Succesful At Bum Online Marketing
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Tools You Need to Be Succesful at Bum Online Marketing

Your a stay at home mom, a college student, or just got laid of from your job or you are tired of your job. What do all these have in common? Money tends to be in short supply and you have all this free time on your hands that you want to capitalize on. You have probably heard of affiliate/internet marketing and chances are have seen a few "guru" pitches online. In any case you may want to give bum online marketing a try.

The benefits of being a bum

Normally we do not want to be likened to someone who is deemed lazy and a freeloader but in the online marketing world there are times when we can take certain qualities from a bum to be extremely useful. In this case we are more interested in the freeloader aspect of being a bum. Internet marketing takes hard work in the initial stages so that is where we will divert from being a bum. With free tools we can learn, build sites and receive hosting all without spending one dollar. This way we get a try it before you buy it feel for online marketing before making a bigger investment into it. Imagine going to a top class school and being told: "hey the first semester is on us and if you like it you can hang around and be successful with your current tools set or upgrade and become even more successful"? We all know that's not how it works; we have to stump up thousand of dollars to find out maybe if this is the path for me before we take the first lesson. Bum marketing online defeats that.

How to be a bum

That's easy you just need to release the freeloader in you and find the tools you need to be a successful bum marketer online. You will need :

  • free training
  • free website
  • free hosting
  • desire to succeed online
  • free time

All the above mentioned tools are indeed available for free. Find these tools and you are on your way.

Where do I get the tools?

There are communities out there that offer free training such as wealthy affiliate where you can get all the basics you need. There are numerous ways to get a free site and hosting to boot. Wealthy affiliate and places such as blogger offer free sites and hosting. Both the desire to succeed online and free time both come from you and will cost you nothing as well.

Start Bumming Out!

You have seen some of the things needed to be a bum online marketer and what the benefits are of bum online marketing, it is now up to you to take the next step and give it a try. You have not a penny to lose and so much to gain in terms of experience and hopefully financially.

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