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We Are All Newbies
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We Are All Newbies

We all have to admit we are beginners at some point. If you do not believe that think of all the things that you have never done. A surgeon may be able to repair a heart valve or remove a cancer, but would he feel comfortable writing a novel? A mechanic may be able to repair your car but would he feel comfortable speaking to a large crowd? We all have areas of expertise but feel nervous or even stressed when we are challenged to perform a task with which we are not familiar. In fact we may just refuse the task because of our insecurities.

We do not like the Unknown

That is never more true than when someone deals with the internet for the first time. The technology is always changing and the huge amount of information is can be very intimidating. As a newbie or newcomer to the world wide web there are new terms and new skills that we must master. Finding definitions or statistics is not that difficult. However, what if we want to start an online business? What if we really desire to make a real income from a website? Where do we look for information and who do we trust?

Let's Face Some Realities

If you really want to start an online business there are some facts that you need to know as a beginner.

  • The glut of information you are going to find will boggle your mind. There is so much information available that many people stop before they get started. The just cannot process all the information they find.
  • Much of the information about starting online businesses is not reliable and may even be a scam. Promise of a small investment with a huge return in a short period of time are seldom true. If you follow after such promises you will soon be much wiser and much poorer.
  • The foundations of an online business are not that much different than a brick and mortar storefront. As a beginner you must lay a good foundation for your success. If you have not prepared yourself and your product you will most likely fail.

I am a Newbie! Where do I begin?

  1. Find a good mentor . Find an individual or group of people who have online experience so that you are not trying to build your success alone. You will cut your time and chances of failure down considerably.
  2. Do quality work! It may take you longer to build a quality website and to fill that site with quality content but your long term success depends on it. How often do you skip over a webpage because it just isn't well done or it is not visually appealing. As someone who is new you are already at a disadvantage. Put your best foot forward and you will never regret it.
  3. I mention this third but it is so important. Choose a business that you will enjoy creating. If your business is something that you like, when the times get hard you will still keep working. If you do not like what you are doing it is easy to walk away.
  4. Get started! Do not let your dream of owning your own online business die. You can do it! It will take patience, endurance and dedication but you can succeed.

We are all beginners, Newbies, at some point. Do not be intimidated! Find a mentor. Study online business principles and bring your dream into reality. Soon you will considered an expert and people will be asking your advice. Don't procrastinate any longer because you are a beginner. Get started and I will look forward to your success! I want to see you as a successful entrepreneur.

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Norm Bell  

Thanks for the information.

  about 8 years ago
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