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Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University Review
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The past couple of weeks I have been checking a lot of other Internet Marketing products out that are available on the net. I found most of them through reviews done by other affiliates trying to promote those products and who want you to join so that they can make a sale and earn a commission. The problem with a lot of these reviews is that a many of the affiliates who promote these products, have not tried the products themselves and especially when it is a new product, they write a review just hoping to cash in on the initial sales. Why is a Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University Review any different?

Well let’s face it the reason I am writing this article is because I hope you get some value out of it and that you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate. I have also seen many reviews where the affiliate accuses Wealthy Affiliate members of just writing clever sales letters in order to convince you to join Wealthy Affiliate. Well tell me why is what they are doing any different? Don’t they also write an article or put up a blog or a website that targets those specific keywords that they try to rank for on the first page of Google?

What I really find disturbing is when they promote a site or product which according to them is of much better quality than Wealthy Affiliate, saying things like Wealthy Affiliate does not provide you with the whole picture or that the courses contained in the Wealthy Affiliate members area are watered down and don’t provide you with much information how to really succeed at Internet Marketing. Just for interest sake I have signed up for some of these courses and unfortunately they don’t provide nearly as much as Wealthy Affiliate does.

First of all they are not that user friendly and it is just page after page or video after video and they still leave you wondering how to put the steps they have just shown you into action. Wealthy Affiliate’s courses are some of the easiest to understand and to put into action, explained in easy understandable language. Some examples are the article marketing courses Pay Per Click and Email marketing and also the 30 day step by step action plan which when you are a newbie teaches you the basics about Internet Marketing in easy to follow lesson plans.

Another great feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that they offer their own web hosting which you can do through them and to set up your own website through Word press in a matter of minutes. All this included in your monthly membership fee. I don’t know about you but when I first started out in Internet marketing that was one of the things I found to be the most difficult and that is to build your own website and add content to it.

So excuse me then for writing a very clever sales letter.

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