Wealthy Affiliate Or Affilorama
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Wealthy Affiliate Or Affilorama

What are the best internet marketing training programs available online in 2014? Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama.... Both of these free online marketing courses are more than capable of offering its members a superb online marketing education. However we as online marketers feel that we need to know which one of these programs are the better of the two.

Although there are many quality training sites available on the internet only a few of them offer outstanding training and support. That is where Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama come in to play as they are two of the better training programs that offer affordable membership fees as well as a limited amount of free training.

So which is better Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama?

Lets dive into some specifics of each of these programs and derive at an educated decision by listing some of the good and bad points of their features. I will start by listing the pros for each of these programs and then I will list the cons for each.

Wealthy Affiliate University Pros

  • 24/7 support with live chat
  • New video training every week
  • Step by Step video and tutorial training
  • lucrative affiliate program
  • free limited training
  • web hosting for unlimited domains(Premium Membership Only)
  • Free members are given two free websites(No Credit Card Needed)
  • ability to PM other members(coaching)
  • discounted yearly membership
  • discounted monthly membership fee(1st Month)
  • can interact with the owners (Kyle and Carson)

Affilorama Premium Pros

  • 24/7 support from community forum
  • step by step video and textual tutorials
  • profitable affiliate program
  • free basic marketing training
  • web hosting for 15 domains with membership
  • payment plan for a 3 year membership
  • $1 fee for the first month of premium membership
  • one on one interview with a personal marketing coach
  • access to SEO optimization tools(AffiloTools)
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

  • got to be a premium member to have access to support
  • domains are deleted 30 days after premium membership cancellation
  • free membership is limited to only basic marketing training
  • support questions may need to be asked several times(certain times of the day are best)
  • writing privileges can be suspended(worst case scenario)

Affilorama Premium Complaints

  • free training is very limited
  • some training is outdated
  • some SEO training can lead to Google penalizing your site
  • Constant expensive Up Sells for Affilo Blueprint , Affilo Themes, and Affilo Jet Pack
  • can take days for support answers
  • very limited access to owner of Affilorama Mark Ling

Membership Costs

  • Wealthy Affiliate-monthly membership $47/Yearly $359
  • Affilorama Premium-monthly membership $67/3 Year Plan $497/ Affilorama Up Sells-Affilo BluePrint $97/Affilo Themes $97 Affilo Jet Pack $197

OK now that we have some of the ground work for these online training programs lets put it to use and decide which one we could benefit from the most as a member. First off we need to see if the training matches the price. I think we can see here who the clear winner is in this category and that is WA.

Now lets look at the type of support that is offered. They both offer support by currently successful marketers and in most instances it is instant for both. However, in my experiences with both of these I have found that Wealthy Affiliate wins this category as well.

Reason being that there were several times with in Affilorama that I had to wait upwards of 3 days for response to my questions and in WA the longest I ever waited for an answer was over night.

Lastly and the most important lets get into the training portion. From a comparison stand point for the free memberships I think they are evenly matched. From with in the paid memberships it is a lop sided battle with yet again Wealthy Affiliate winning out.

So again the reason being is that honestly some(not all)of the training offered from affilorama is a little dishonest in it's methods by giving outdated and destructive training. They have this offer of 30 PLR articles for you to use(publish)on your website and if you do so you will be essentially publishing duplicate content and well Google frowns on things like that.

Also Affilorama's link building techniques,while it might have worked back in early 2012, will set you back in today's SEO marketing world. If you so choose to build your links the way that they show you you might have a brief moment of success but when Google rolls out the ol' panda your site will take a destructive blow in your rankings with in Google SERP's.

Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand may take a bit more time to get established in the front page of Google but it will be a legitimate rankings that won't just be swept out from under you for shady techniques. Their training teaches you the tried and true way of becoming an authority site with in internet marketing and which ever niche you so choose.

So with this said and the battle of the online training programs(Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama)over we have a clear winner as to the best internet marketing training program and that in this mans opinion has got to be Wealthy Affiliate and the community of great marketers that it houses.

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If you read this don't forget to like it or share it. Give credit where it's do and share the love if it's worth sharing. All constructive criticism is more than welcomed. Until next time.....Thanks for reading

  about 8 years ago

Are you looking for quality marketing training that won't break your bank? Need a community that will help teach you the right way to start an effective online business? Well so was I.... And I found one that will do this and so much more. If you would like to see the final results of my search for Affordable Quality Training than please feel free to have a read of this Article and give me your thoughts and insight.

  about 8 years ago
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