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What Is A Keyword Tool
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What is A Keyword Tool

If your trying to find the best way to understand what a Keyword, or Keyword tool is then you come to the right place. A fresh understanding on this subject of keywords. I assume you are just getting your feet wet with this subject because

You have just enter into the world of Internet Marketing (IM) WO-HOO

Or you have been in Internet Marketing for awhile and just don’t understand the in’s-and-out’s of how the keyword really works.

Well That’s All going to change for you right NOW.

A quick definition would be nice! Okay

A keyword is a word that’s like a (NOUN) it describe a person, place or thing that you will be searching for on the internet (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN etc).

A Keyword Tool let’s you expand on a keyword you have or you are looking for, or it helps you find more keyword ideas.

What is a keyword tool-

A KEYWORD TOOL is a tool that effectively let's you analyze how well a title for your website or blog will be in the search engine and how many people are using that exact same keyword phrase in their website. Have you heard of the phrase (low hanging fruit) this low hanging fruit means that a particular keyword or keyword phrase is very easy to rank 4 to put you on the first page of Google or the search engines.

But only with a great search engine keyword tool will you be able to achieve this result.

Before we go any further on the subject, a KW Tool is for Internet marketers(IM), Article Writers or any body that will be promoting a product and wants to get that product or idea on the first page of the search engines.

I will try to give you a LIVE understanding with Examples of how a Good KWTool should work.

So what is a keyword tool anyways it’s best look at as a tool that can start from 1 word or 2-5 words as a keyword phrase. Ex:

  • Apple.
  • Website design.
  • What is internet traffic.
  • How to fix a 2007 BMW rear passenger door.

These are ALL keywords and keyword phrases which are describing what you would be looking for in a web search. So how will a KW Tool help with the above examples, let’s say you want to promote Apple products on your website but there is way to much competition for you to write about apple because you are first competing with Apple , so you must try to find the low hanging fruit like mentioned above. Ex: type this into your Google search,

  • apple a
  • apple b
  • apple c
  • apple d

What do you get? Let me explain what you are looking at is a sequence of highly relevant topics that other people are typing into google. And with the sequence a keyword tool will reveal the monthly searches and estimated traffic which will give you a better indicator of what topics to write about. So no more blindly picking topics that don’t get ranked in the search engines first page. There is such a keyword tool that can actually execute this job.

A keyword tool that has many functions:

  • It lets you find the best rich keyword or keyword phrase.
  • It allows you to find the best possible domain name.
  • And best of all it lets you know who's looking for that particular phrase at any given month with monthly searches and estimated traffic results.

It's always nice when you can try a product before you buy it. If you are looking to get a better understanding on what a keyword phrase is then you should be able to have a trial period with that KW Tool.

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