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What Is A Niche Product, Why Would You Want To Find One
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What is a niche product and why would you want to find one?

If you are just starting out in internet marketing (IM) then you will probably have come across the term niche products or niche marketing. In this article I will give you a bit of insight into just what is meant by those terms.

Simply put a niche product is a small part of a much larger market, something that people want to buy or is an answer to a particular problem they have. Sometimes the product is narrowed down so far that it has often been described as a Micro-niche, but I will explain more if you would like to read further.

If you were a major department store then you would stock thousands of product to sell to the hundreds of people who came through your doors every day, however in the IM world then for most if not all of us it is not quite that way. There certainly are some big sellers with large product lists out there (Amazon springs to mind) but those sort of sites are out of my league and I would not even think of trying to beat them.

The same applies to anything that you want to sell online. If you are selling pet products, for example, then just advertising and promoting "pet products" could be a real struggle. A Google search for example shows up 16 million plus search results. (if you put the search in " " which is an exact search) Pet products is undoubtedly a niche but a huge one to just break into from scratch. It actually gets 110,000 searches a month so plenty of people looking but remember that 16 million competition.

This is where you need to start narrowing down and start to think "what is a niche product that I can promote?" For example if we stick to the pet products niche then "dog pet products" gives 4 million results, so already you have narrowed it down by 75%.

Dig a bit deeper

"Green dog food" actually has only 162 real competition. (there are ways of finding that information). That is a real niche market. 1000 people a month search for "green dog food" so while not a huge audience it is well worth pursuing. Why is it worth pursuing for such a small market?

It is worth pursuing this niche market because you do not need many sales to pay for your own website and therefore making money from it is not such a challenge. When you are starting out, and particularly if you are on a limited budget, then targeting small niches like this gets you off to a good start. Once the site is up and running and earning some money then you can develop another one and so on and so on.

This process is often referred to as "rinse and repeat" and is how many marketers make a substantial income. So then "what is a niche product" ? It actually can be whatever is available on the market to suit the target audience in that niche. There are physical products that people want to buy and many major sites run affiliate marketing schemes so that people like you can promote their goods (back to Amazon again) or there are downloadable products on sites such as Clickbank. Physical products have lower commission but are easier to sell, while downloadable products have a much higher commission because the overheads are much lower.

Once you are established in a niche then you can also go on to exploit other related niches. Going back to the pet products, if you had a website promoting "pet products" in general then one page could promote "green dog food" and once set up and earning then you could create another page promoting say "beds for pets" etc. You are adding more su-niches to the main niche.

Promoting the site and getting traffic is another matter all together and all part of the affiliate marketing business but deciding what is a niche that you can sell to is one of the most important parts of the whole thing.

What ever you decide is your niche then if you work at it then you will succeed and you will set up a business that will last for the long term. I wish you luck in your ventures.

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