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What Is Online Marketing Strategy?
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What is Online Marketing Strategy?

Whether you have a regular brick and mortar style business or have an established or new online career, figuring out what is online strategy is vital to the success of your business.

More and more money is being spent each year online, and as more business clamour to get a piece of the pie, it becomes increasingly difficult to make your mark.

Being able to rise above the competition in the search engines, or stand out of the crowd in the social networks, is the goal of an online marketing strategy, just like the goal of a traditional one is to get your product, face or logo into the hearts and minds of the general public.

Having a strategy for your online marketing will help your business lift above those that don’t, and believe it or not, most businesses online have overlooked this key aspect.

Firstly some terms for the uninitiated.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - helps your site do better in search engine results.

What sort of areas should you be looking at?

Well, there are a variety of aspects that need looking at. You can focus on just one or two to begin with, but it is advisable to have your strategies in place for everything.

On site SEO

First things first is to get your website in order. You need to make sure that the content of your site is friendly to the search engines.

Things like using appropriate keyword research and implementation, making sure that images have the appropriate titles and tags, and optimizing the structure of the site are a few things that you can begin to do straight away to start improving your SEO.

If you do not optimize your site, you will be hampering any other efforts to promote and market your website!

Off site SEO

This is where some learning may prove useful (see below) as off site SEO can be difficult to master.

The basic premise is that you will build links from other sites to yours, via useful, relevant and interesting content. Whether that be the written word, infographics, videos or other content is simply a choice for you to make.

I would recommend a mixture of them all, depending on your business type.

Google and other search engines place a lot of weight on inbound links to your site, but on the flip side are aware that these can be easily faked and nowadays they put a lot of emphasis on natural links.


One of the best traditional ways to market is via word of mouth. Getting people to like you product/service so that they will tell their friends and family and a snowball effect occurs.

Using social media is like word of mouth on steroids, your content can be passed quickly among like minded individuals to great success in promoting your business. If you are lucky enough your content could go “viral” and spark a stampede of people looking up your business.

On the flip side, if social media is handled badly, then it can have a major detrimental effect on your business.

The key here, is to be natural, interesting, but neutral (without being boring). Discussing different aspects and goings on in your industry and outside of it will garner more support than solely discussing your products.


Especially if you are a self employed individual or a small business, the cost of implementing an online marketing strategy via an agency or outside company can be astronomical in cost.

Learning to do some of the procedures yourself can save thousands, and you will be able to direct the focus personally.

Normally people recommend heading to university to learn, but with the fast paced, ever changing world of the internet, spending years there studying may provide you some information, but it will mostly be out of date by the time you finish.

Online course and communities like Wealthy Affiliate can teach you the basics, intermediate and advanced levels of online marketing, in the here and now.

Learning how to market a website can and will take time, but it will enable your business to focus on an online marketing strategy that works.

Street Talk

I like to spend a bit of time on my site SEO and get it the best that I can, after all it is free, well time spent, but yes getting organized is well worth the effort...give them content hope like hell they link, I am finding that it really depends on what type of site you have.....nice articl Dean....

  about 1 decade ago
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