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What Is Your Weakness?
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What Is Your Weakness?

I heard something the other day that made a lot of sense to me about the word weak. I would like to share this with all of you. The meaning of the word weak is just lacking strength. Here are 4 target points to the word weak.

W- Willing- Willing to grow - Willing to step up- How are you going to move past your weakness? How are you going to conquer it? E- Embrace-Engage-Willing to take the necessary tactics to turn your weakness in to your strength. The power to embrace the decision to research, then practice to turn them into strengths. A- Action- Average is accepting, great leaders are ready for change, do not accept average, be willing to change. Take action daily to change your weakness. K- Keep- Either keep the weakness or choose to change them into strengths.

Have a system and make sure you have a plan. Average depends on your own brain, great depends on the system. Take it with you everywhere you go. Subconsciously remind yourself that you need to have something happening in your life at all times.

Most people have a hard time getting organized. So start getting organized as a leader, get yourself a planner and use it. Keep a running log of how you do things, this will help keep you organized. Get a files system set up, from a-z and keep track of all of your activities. You are now accountable for your actions.

How about distractions, you choose to become distracted. This alone will kill your business, you must set hours to work your business, and do not allow anything to stop you. If the phone rings, let the machine pick it up. If you have children running around, let them know you are working and they must leave you alone. Unless of course it is an emergency. All importantly, this is when you are making the money.

Here’s a hard one to overcome, time management. We all have the same amount of time in a day, yet it seems some people can get so much done, when others struggle through the day and get nothing done. You must start valuing your time. How much is your time worth hourly? $10, $20 an hour!, You need to have a mind set of $250 an hour! You must value your time and your time will take a whole new meaning. Write down a series of events to do each and everyday and do it.

Consciously direct you weakness ( Low priority traits) and turn them into your strengths ( High priority traits) and the next thing you know you will have overcome your weakness.

To sum it all up for you, make you weakness a high priority, now how would it look, write it down. Now you have a picture, go and start living it. You are a powerful strong leader. Unlearn your weakness, move into your strengths, you will find greatness, and it will find you.

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you are so wright about your priority Chery. Gary

  about 1 decade ago
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