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Drop shipping is when a vendor purchases a product from a manufacturer or a true wholesaler and has it shipped by the manufacturer or wholesaler. The best and least expensive way to do this is to contact the producer of the product and set up a drop shipping agreement. There are no fees other than perhaps a small drop ship fee by the supplier (manufacturer or wholesaler). I have been doing this for years with one company and we have a great relationship. I trust them and they trust me and we both treat my customers with respect and quality service. In my years of service I have never had a complaint. If a problem occurs, we fix it.

That is the way to operate a drop shipping business. The major scams of the Internet will sell you a list (directory) of wholesalers at a large fee and then sell your name and email address to every other scammer on the Internet and you might find that the list contains questionable companies with whom you do not want to do business.

There are a few companies on the Internet that help Internet retailers come in contact with drop shipping companies. One company, Doba, acts as a middleman but maintains a catalog and a direct interface with eBay. Doba "guaranties" prices to be low and true wholesale but many of us on the Internet don't believe it. But their membership fees are low (just don't try to get them back) and they have that a nice catalog which saves you from contacting individual companies. You pay for these niceties in higher prices for merchandize. They have fairly good training and customer service. They also have a relationship with a marketing company that will help you setup a website.

If you want to deal directly with manufacturers, go to Worldwide Brands or Salehoo. Worldwide brands is the premier drop shipping sites with excellent training and service. They will tell you how to avoid being scammed and will put you into contact with companies that they have thoroughly checked out. They will train you how to operate a drop shipping business. You get better service (the best in the Industry) but you will be paying for it. As they say, you get what you pay for.

If you are starting out and don't want to pay higher membership fees then go with Salehoo. They may be a Worldwide Brands in the future.

If you don't want to start out contacting wholesalers yourself, consider Doba and their big catalog service where you will be dealing only with Doba.

Before you decide what you are going to do and with whom you are going to do it, read reviews on the Internet and scam and problem complaints about the companies you may deal with. Remember that the scammers write their own reviews counteracting the truth.

If you plan to sell on eBay, make sure you check out the price of items being sold that are exactly the same as what you want to sell. I suggest that you have a website with your products listed on it. It is tedious adding the products, so make sure the products are in stock and that there is an ample inventory.

For eBay, you should also have an email address that is @yourwebsite. Then folks looking at your ads on eBay will be able to find your site. You will need to learn Internet marketing and how to drive traffic to your site and you will want to avoid the scams.

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