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Why Images Matter On A Website
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Ever wonder why images matter on a website? I’d like to share a personal case study of my experience with using images on my website. Recently I started a blog. For the first month or so it was 99% text. My site's ranking started slowly and was predictably several pages back in the Google ranking system. Slowly, I added relevant articles and did some social book marking. This process got my site up to page two of Google.

Then I added a few images. My sites ranking climbed onto the lower end of page one. Then I went back to my images and made sure I added my websites name in the description area. It’s important to remember that the search engine spiders don’t actually see the pictures. They only see the description for each picture. Again, in each image description area I entered the name of my web site. The search engine spiders liked that. Within a day my site was ranked second on page one of Google for my site’s name. It fluctuates a little from that spot depending on the day.

It’s important to not go too crazy adding images to a site for two reasons. First, too many images can get distracting for the customer that visit’s your site. You want a balance between excellent copy and relevant images that offer depth and support to your text. Let’s face it, adding images to a site is easy and fun. Just be aware that it can get overdone. With respect to images, “less is more”. Second, the search engine spiders can tend to frown on too many images if they lack relevance. Remember, always use the description option for each image to offer the spiders context for the image. Knowing why images matter on a website will help motivate and guide you as you build and hone your own site.

I run a website which discusses building an online business from scratch. Although it does take some effort, it's not as diifcult as you might think, especially if you have the right training and tools available. For more on internet marketing & website development visit Build Wealth Online Now.

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