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Why Practice Makes Perfect
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Practice makes perfect because as you keep doing something over and over again until you get better or comfortable doing it. The same thing holds true for blogging. Most people will tell you that they have nothing to blog about or they’ve run out of ideas. While that may be true, it helps to just start writing without even having to worry about what to write about.

Especially these days when there’s just so much going on with the world economy. If you have nothing to talk about, well, the economy will be the best thing for you to blog about, tell people what is going on with the world economy.

The standard of living is the only thing that’s on the rise; everything else is taking a nose dive, including the value of the US dollar, and trusts me, it’s not just the US dollar that’s taken a hit, most of the world currencies have too. A few years ago when the US dollar was in good shape, food as well as everything else cost a little bit less, because if a dollar has more value, you do more with it.

What I’m trying say is that we used to purchase more items from a dollar, but not anymore. What that means is that we will have to work more in order to keep up with the standard of living. About five years ago, a family of five spent about $300.00 on food for the whole month and that was enough.

Today, that amount has nearly doubled and people are being paid less, because there are no jobs and most employers are taking advantage of the fact that there are no jobs to offer very educated people peanuts. And trust me; people are willing to accept anything as long as they are able to put food for their families on the table. If you are wondering why, take a minute to look at what’s going on in the financial industry, the world wide recession has made all of us vulnerable. No one is immune to the global recession, and that is why most people are now working for themselves, online from home.

A few years ago, when people said they were working from home online, I thought something was wrong with them. The recession has really changed the way that I look at internet marketing programs, especially after becoming a member of wealthy affiliate. I hated these internet programs because they made me go broke.

Wealthy affiliate has changed all that, today, I’m here telling people how to enjoy working from the comfort of their home whilst also taking care of their children. My questions are answered in less than twelve hours, thanks to Kyle and Carson the owners, they are wonderful people. Most people who have money will let their employees handle all the questions, but that’s not the case with wealthy affiliate. The owners are willing to help anybody succeed. Your success is their success.

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