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Working From Home Pros VS Cons
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Working From Home Pros VS Cons

This article will be a review on making money from home. There are many pros and cons to think about when deciding to work from home. Making sure the benefits outweigh the negatives is important when choosing what path you will take. You have to decide which method of making money online will work best for you. There are free methods of making money online, methods that will cost you a one time sign up fee, and methods that will cost you a monthly fee. Choosing which one will work the best for you is something that is done through research and reading.

Free methods to make money online are a great way to get started. Not too many internet marketers will show you free methods to make money. Why is that? Well, isn't it obvious? They aren't going to make any money from you. Most internet marketers are full of it. They will talk your ear off promising all the help in the world and when it comes down to it, they leave you in a dark alley all alone. This is why researching and asking questions is so important.

Here's an example of one of my personal experiences in this category. I am an internet marketer that likes to use what others are using to make money. I came across a lucrative way to make money by building websites selling certain click bank products. (Click bank is basically a product you can promote to earn commissions.) So to make a long story short, this guy had a website claiming he would help and to "contact via email or phone". So I emailed him, and he told me to join then "we'll see what can be done" to help me get started. So I responded saying "How will you help me if you're telling me to join before explaining anything at all?" He told me to go away. This guy just wanted me to join and never intended on helping me.

This article is a review to show you that making money online is possible and very lucrative. Is it easy? No way. If making money using the internet was easy, everyone would do it. Nothing comes easy in life, especially making money. However, finding someone (like myself) to answer your questions without trying to sell you anything is key.

I have one more story to share with you, which is almost the complete opposite of my other example. I came across someone talking about making $10,000 a month online. So, just like like you are reading this, I started reading the information and contacted the writer. This gentlemen answered all my questions for a week straight without knowing or asking if I was going to purchase his product. He was teaching people how to do SEO work (search engine optimization). Basically, the job of someone who does SEO is to rank a website on the first page of the search engines.

This man taught me how to do exactly what he was doing to become successful. After a week of picking his brain, I decided to do it. I did the training over the weekend to start come Monday. I did exactly what he said that whole week. By listening and applying myself the way he told me I contacted someone who had ten sites that needed ranking.

With my fee being $2,500 for each site, that was a $25,000 deal being made in one weeks time. It was all because I listened to someone who is already successful. I can't stress enough how important finding the right team, or person, is to helping you become successful, no matter what it is that you do.

Pros of an Internet Job: In my opinion the best part of working from home is not having a BOSS. No one telling you what to do, how to do it, or when to do it. You work as many hours as you what, at whatever time you want. Many people don't know this, but you can choose how much money you will make. It is all about applying yourself. You can make anything from $100 a week, $100 a day, to even $100 a hour. You are setting up something that will work for you, not you working for it.

Cons of an Internet job: In contradiction to the pros, not having a boss is great but then there is no one to monitor your work. What will motivate you if you have no one above you telling you what to do? In my opinion, people can become very lazy if they know that there isn't a certain time you have to get up for work. You may not even work everyday. I feel this is a negative because 99.99% of people fail because they are looking to get rich quick without putting in the work required. You may have to actually work harder setting up your program or system to actually start making you money then if you were to just work a regular job. With every benefit there is a negative.

In my opinion, starting small and working your way up is best. Do something you can give your full attention to. Most importantly, get educated. Find a person who is willing to help you succeed. Find a team that will teach you what they are doing. Join a system/program that has successful people inside helping you as well. These are all things to look for when searching for ways to make money online. Take action, email me with questions. I'm here to help.

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