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Writing Successful Internet Articles
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I never imagined times would change so much when I was sixteen. I was more of a loner, replacing socialization with quiet nights reading my favorite stories. Now, as I look at my own teenage daughter, it dawns on me how much the internet has changed the way we do things. Her microphone, web cam and keyboard replaces the skating rink, beaches and Friday night cruising. Digital books have replaced the once familiar feeling of turning paper pages. And, while my daughter isn't much of a social butterfly herself, she certainly has more friends at her age than I ever did.

Yes, times certainly have changed. The internet impacts the majority of our lives bringing with it new dangers, access to a phenomenal amount of information and a wealth of opportunity. Generating an income via the internet has become a golden dream for so many of us. The question is, how do we turn that dream into reality? Writing successful internet articles is one answer.

Writing with Passion

Writing successful internet articles is bound to happen if you write with passion. Okay, so we've all heard the advice that we should stay away from discussions of politics and religion at large family gatherings. But why? Well, it's because these are two areas in which people are most passionate about. This passion comes through loud and clear when discussing topics close to our heart. The same holds true for writing. The words flow to the paper (or in our case the word processor) easily. We enjoy what we are writing and our readers can pick up on that. So, write with passion and don't be afraid to expose your thoughts and feelings.


Style also plays an important role in writing successful internet articles. This is all about your tone (yes we do have a tone of voice in our writing believe it or not). We can come across happy, sad, neutral and angry. We can spice things up with a hint of expertise. One important note to remember is that people browsing the internet are looking for quick answers most of the time.

Keeping your internet articles between 400-600 words will help capture your audience. Vary your sentence length. Use short sentences followed by long ones. This just keeps your article from sounding too choppy or too drawn out. Make sure to break your article down into reasonable paragraphs.


Use images. Internet readers tend to love visuals. Writing successful internet articles includes using images. You can use your picture, screens shots of product your talking about, images that have a commons license and so on. Don't be afraid to experiment.

So there you have it. Writing successful internet articles can be a lot of fun. Not only do you have an opportunity to earn income but you get to learn new things and share your thoughts and feelings with a world just waiting to here them. So go out there and make your dream come true!

I am a married mother of two children. On top of internet marketing, I own an accounting practice and partner in a retail store with my friend. Writing successful internet articles was something that took me a lot of time and patience to learn. Click here to view my website where I share more about how I learned to successfully write for the internet. I offer a much more in-depth review there.

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Good information and sound advice. I enjoyed reading your article thank you.

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