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7 Tips For Dealing With Interview Nerves
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7 Tips for Dealing With Interview Nerves

Most people attending a job interview will feel nervous or suffer from some feelings of anxiety but it’s important that these feelings don’t get out of hand and have a detrimental effect on the overall interview performance. If you’re someone who routinely gets nervous and stressed, it’s important that you have strategies for dealing with your interview nerves and minimise the impact. Listed below are 7 tips for dealing with interview nerves.

Tip 1: Dealing with interview nerves: Accept nerves as the norm

If you get nervous at interviews there’s nothing more annoying than hearing other candidates declare that they never get nervous. Whether they’re telling the truth or not you’ll never know so try and ignore them. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous, so don’t waste any time indulging in negative self-talk which will only make you feel worse and could exacerbate any physical symptoms that you suffer from such as shaking hands, dry mouth etc.

Tip 2: Dealing with interview nerves: Have belief in yourself

If you have any doubts in your own abilities this will increase your nervousness in the interview. If you don’t believe in yourself and your own abilities then there’s no reason why anyone else will.

Tip 3: Dealing with interview nerves: Take care of yourself

You may be nervous but ensure that you keep yourself well hydrated for the interview, go to bed at a reasonable time the night before and don’t drink alcohol or eat very spicy food both of which can affect your physical well being.

Tip 4: Dealing with interview nerves: Be prepared

It goes without saying that you should be well prepared for the interview, having done your research and prepared any questions that you want to ask. Make time to practice with a friend or colleague so you can run through your interview answers. If you’re preparation is inadequate or non-existent you will only increase your feelings of anxiety.

Tip 5: Dealing with interview nerves: Use visualisation techniques

Visualisation can be very useful for overcoming interview nerves and increasing your self-confidence, but don’t try and use it at the last minute. From the moment you hear about the interview start practising. Run through every stage of the interview process from imagining arriving at the organisation, shaking hands, answering questions, asking questions and saying goodbye. You want to do this over and over again. Visualisation techniques are common among sportsmen who imagine winning to improve their confidence and performance. You need to do the same and imagine yourself being the best candidate and being awarded the job.

Tip 6: Dealing with interview nerves: Use breathing techniques

It’s important that you are able to control your breathing when you’re nervous. If you can’t it will have an impact on your voice and increase your nervousness. Make sure that have practise deep breathing exercises during the days leading up to the interview and on the day itself.

Tip 7: Dealing with interview nerves: Change your mindset

One of the reasons why people get nervous at interviews is because of the fear of being judged and worrying about how suitable they will be for the job. In order to decrease your nerves remember that this works both ways. The interview is the opportunity for your to make similar judgements and find out whether you want to work for the company. By adopting this mindset you will be able to feel more in control of the situation.


If you do get nervous in interviews make sure that you have taken steps to minimise any possible effects on your performance including being well prepared, practising visualisation and deep breathing techniques. Adopt a positive mindset where you see the process not just as opportunity for the company to assess your suitability but for you to judge theirs as an employer. And if you do get more than a little nervous on the day of the interview - so what? Don’t waste time giving yourself a hard time - nerves are normal.

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