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8 Tips For Making A Good Impression At A Job Interview
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8 Tips for Making A Good Impression at A Job Interview

It may seem a very obvious thing to say, but when you’re looking for work making a good impression at a job interview will be key to your success. However, it’s important in your preparation that you don’t just focus on researching the company and thing about your answers to possible interview questions. You also need to think about other issues such as your body language, your likeability, how resourceful you appear and how flexible you are. When you leave the interview room, you want to ensure that the impression you leave is a lasting one that identifies you as the ideal candidate for the job.

Listed below are 8 tips for making a good impression

1. Answer the questions you’re asked

A common interview mistake is for candidates to give answers to questions they want to give rather than answering the question they’re asked. Although you’ll want to ensure that you display your knowledge and experience make sure that you don’t stray from what you’ve been asked. You must demonstrate that you can listen as well as talk.

2. Give good examples

I always advise people to keep a continuous record of their work experiences. This helps when you’re trying to get a job because you’ll have a range of examples that you can draw on during an interview.

3. Be aware of your body language

Interviewers will make a mental impression of you as soon as you enter an interview room, so make sure that you shake hands, maintain eye contact and smile. Other things you should be aware of is sitting upright, not fiddling with your hair, jewellery, or cracking your knuckles or doing any other things that could act as a distraction.

4. Be truthful

Of course you’re going to want to give the best impression you can by portraying yourself in the best light possible, but lying is stupid. Future employers want to feel that they can trust you, so don't make claims to things you haven't done.

5. Show enthusiasm

Don’t be one of those candidates who kills an interview with their lack of energy. Make sure that you are enthusiastic and positive throughout the process.

6. Demonstrate your flexibility

Even if you have very strong ideas how things should be done, it’s important that you’re able to demonstrate your flexibility. Companies are looking for someone who will be a good fit and that means you adapting to different ways of doing things. No one will be interested in anyone who thinks their way is the only way of doing things.

7. Show resourcefulness

Organisations are always looking to employ people who are capable of initiating new projects and providing solutions for problems. Make sure that you have specific examples that you can give which demonstrate what value you would bring to an organisation.

8. Wear the right clothes

Make sure that you wear suitable clothing for your interview. You don’t want your clothes to leave a lasting impression unless you’re applying for a job where your style matters such as in fashion. If you’re tempted to rush out and buy new clothes for an interview, be aware that wearing unfamiliar clothing can make you feel uncomfortable.


Getting a job is not an exact science and there is no magic formulae to ensure your success. What you can do is prepare well and be aware of all the different issues which will contribute towards you making the best impression you can. Your body language, your clothing, your ability to listen, your ability articulate your thoughts logically, answer questions effectively and demonstrate your flexibility and resourcefulness are all key elements of making a good impression at a job interview.

Street Talk

Ken Lasch  

May I ad -Pick out your interviewing outfit. Your outfit should be business like, not to flashy. For men, you should wear tan or gray pants with a nice navy blue sport coat, white shirt and tie. For women, should were business attire pants suite or a nice blouse, slacks and jacket. Making a good first impression in the first 3 minutes of the job interview is very important, and will make or break your hopes of landing this job.

  about 9 years ago

Hi Ken - Thanks for taking the time to comment. Point 8 of my article was about wearing the right clothes. I wouldn't be quite as prescriptive as you have because it depends on the sector and job that you're being interviewed for. Thanks for commenting.

  about 9 years ago
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