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Dressing For An Interview: Questions To Ask Yourself
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Dressing for An Interview: Questions to Ask Yourself

How much attention do you pay to dressing for an interview? If you’re very keen on fashion or clothing probably quite a lot, but for many people it comes fairly low down on the scale when there are so many other things to think about such as preparing questions to ask, or doing some research or planning a presentation.

Obviously it’s essential that if you’ve been invited for an interview that you should prepare carefully, but your interview attire should not be overlooked and thrown together at the last moment. Whether you like it or not you will be judged on your appearance and it’s important that you get it right.

In recent months several women including MPs and televisions presenters have complained about comments made either in the press or from members of the public about what they have been wearing. Their argument is that no man in similar positions would have to put up with similar comments and they should be judged on their ability not their clothing.

Of course they’re right. The comments are often unfair but we do all get judged on our appearance every day. We look at someone take a snap photograph of their appearance, commit it to memory and start making judgements. This is why you cannot dismiss the importance of clothing when you go for a job interview.

Long before you are able to amaze an interviewer with your skills and experience and how you would be a perfect fit for the organisation they will have already started forming a view of you as you walk in to be interviewed, so it’s important that you make the right impression.

Unfortunately even those people who take a lot of pride in their appearance and think carefully about what they’re going to wear to an interview, can very easily make foolish mistakes about the right dress code

So what are the most important things to consider when dressing for an interview?

  • What is the accepted dress code for the interview?
  • If you’re not sure what the right clothing is – who are you going to ask?
  • What image do you want your clothing to project?
  • Does your clothing fit you properly?
  • Have you got clothing that won’t crease?
  • Are there any tasks that you will be doing that will affect your choice of clothing?
  • Is any of your clothing going to be distracting to interviewers?
  • What if any jewellery should you wear?
  • Does your choice of jewellery act as a distraction?
  • Will any of your clothes easily pick up dirt? (eg when you’re travelling to and from the interview)
  • Does your choice of clothing show any part of you which you wish had remained hidden?
  • Will your choice of clothes be comfortable for the length of travelling and interview time?
  • Have you got suitable outwear to protect your clothes from any poor weather?


What you say will always be more important that your clothing, but it is what you’re wearing which will form an initial picture in the interviewers mind about you. So as part of any preparation that you’re doing for an interview like designing questions your may ask or a presentation that you will have to deliver or research that you need to undertake do not forget the important issue of your clothing.

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