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How To Dress For An Interview: The Added Extras
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Most people know how to dress for a job interview and when they know they have one to attend, they go to a great deal of trouble with their appearance and what they’re going to wear. As an interviewer will immediately take a mental picture of a candidate, the moment they meet them, no one should underestimate the importance of how they look and the impression they’re making. Although people often spend a lot of time on their clothes (and still make errors in what they wear), one area that often gets neglected or people make silly mistakes are some of the wider issues of their appearance such as make-up, jewellery, glasses or nails. So if you want to know how to dress for an interview, you want to think not just about your clothing and shoes, but what I call the “added extras”

Avoid wearing too much perfume/aftershave: You don’t want people to have their senses overwhelmed by perfume. If you wear it at all, keep it to a minimum. Personally, I wouldn’t wear it to a job interview. You run the risk of wearing a smell that your interviewer doesn’t like or perhaps even has negative associations to it.

Avoid big jewellery: You may have a wonderful piece of jewellery, but unless you’re going to an interview as a jeweller and are wearing it to exhibit your work, keep jewellery to a minimum and understated. You don’t want the interviewer to be distracted with your jewellery, you want them to concentrate on what you’re saying.

Don’t wear multiple bangles and bracelets: Avoid jewellery that can clash together. Again this can be an irritant or a distraction to the interviewer. If you have several bangles on, it’s easy to start fiddling with them.

Have neat nails: Elaborate or uncared for nails. If you have over-elaborate long nails depending on the role you run the risk of some thinking that you nails may get in the way of your job. Uncared for nails, that aren’t cut properly will tell the interviewer that you’re not bothered by your appearance. And yes both these point apply to both men and women. I’ve interviewed three men with chipped nail varnish. Not a good look.

Clean your glasses: If you wear glasses, remember to make sure they’re clean before you go into the interview. This may seem obvious but it’s very easy if you have poor sight, not to notice that you have smeary glasses.

Avoid a stained tongue: This may sound a strange one but if you’ve had to travel some way to the interview and you are someone who likes to suck boiled sweets or candy, remember you don’t want to arrive with a red tongue! Also be aware if you suck very strong mints that linger on your breath, your interviewer may jump to the conclusion that you are hiding a drink problem!

Have tidy hair: It should go without saying that you hair should be neat and tidy whatever your style. If you have a fringe make sure it’s not falling in your eyes, if your prone to hair twisting when you’re nervous tie it back, and ensure that doesn’t look as if you need a haircut.

Don’t wear too much makeup: If you wear make-up keep it subtle for a job interview and ensure that it is perfect. Smudged lipstick or mascara does not look good. And if you are wearing a lot of foundation or face power remember to keep your hands away from your face. You don’t want any of it transferring to your hand’s if you’ve touched your face at all.

Check your teeth. If you’ve had anything eat before the interview make sure that you check your teeth, for anything that has become trapped.

So when you’re thinking about how to dress for a job interview, don’t forget those added extras. It’s not just clothing mistakes that you want to avoid making. Think about every aspect of your appearance to guarantee that first impression you make will be a good one.

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