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How To Prepare For A Video Interview
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You have spent days preparing for your upcoming interview. You picked out the perfect suit, got your hair cut, and practiced answering questions in front of the bathroom mirror. Now, at last, the big day has finally arrived. It is time to get dressed, take a few deep breaths, and...step in front of the video camera. If you do a video interview, you will see that this type of interview has several advantages over the more familiar kind, in which the candidate sits face-to-face with his prospective employer and answers questions about his work preferences and work history.

First, you are doing the interview in comfortable, familiar surroundings. Even though you are on camera, you are likely to feel more at ease than you would if you were interviewed in your prospective employer's office.

Second, if you have young children, you do not need to hire a babysitter if you are doing a video interview. Instead, get them involved in a quiet activity to keep them occupied, or send them outside to play. Tell your children about your interview, how long it will be, and that it is very important that they are quiet. Tell them that if you get a job, you will have money for the things they love, such as cable or satellite service.

If you are concerned that they may misbehave and ruin your interview by screaming, running through the house, or making goofy faces in front of the camera, however, you might consider talking with your parents. Tell them about your interview, and ask if they would mind watching the children so that you have a better chance of doing well. If it is warm outside, the children can bring their swimsuits and run under the sprinkler, perhaps. If it is cold, and there is snow on the ground, they might build a snowman or go sledding.

You might also consider talking with the parents of your children's friends. Tell them about your interview, and ask if they would mind if the children came over. Your friends love you and believe in you, and they want you to get the job. They would likely be very happy to help. They might even decide to take the children to a movie. A movie would be about two hours long, which should be more than enough time for you to do what you need to do.

Make your arrangements, and smile. A new job awaits you.

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SOmething I have never done before. Thanks for the info!

  about 1 decade ago
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