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How To Use The Power Of The Mind For Job Interviews
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No matter what some people do, from the moment they’re called for a job interview they start to dread the thought of attending. For some, it’s the whole interview process, for others it may be the presentation and for others it’s the exercises or the interview questions. It doesn’t matter how much research they do, when it comes to it, they don’t perform well on the day, because their apprehension and /or fear get the better of them. If you’re one of those people then understanding how to use the power of the mind to ensure your nerves don’t impact on your performance, is a must.

If you’ve tried to get over some of your fear of job interviews, but nothing seems to have worked, the chances are you’ve been talking to the wrong part of your mind. Our mind has two different aspects to it, the conscious and the unconscious mind. Our conscious mind is our day to day operating system. It is the logical part of our brain that works on our daily tasks, processes much of the information we see and hear .

Our subconscious mind functions quite differently from the conscious mind. It’s irrational rather than rational. It controls the involuntary body functions, such as heartbeat and breathing etc. It also acts as a conduit for all our past experiences, storing our thoughts, values and beliefs. These not only help to form the person we are, but also impact on how we will behave in the future. Additionally, it acts as the control tower for all those emotions that swirl around the mind.

So in order to understand how to use the power of the mind, it’s necessary to realise how these two aspects of the mind interact with each other and what can be done to make them act differently. If we take the example of job interviews, no one is born with a fear of them. It is an experience or an association that triggers the fear or apprehension. The unconscious mind then continues to play the fear over and over again like a broken record and until the messages are stopped the fear will continue. For example, if you tell yourself, “I’m rubbish a job interviews”, this message ill be repeated over and over again. Therefore it’s the subconscious mind that needs to be ‘re-programmed’ and given new thoughts to focus on.

With this understanding of how the different aspects of the mind works, attention can be turned to how to use the power of the mind to change the message and banish feelings of fear and nervousness. There are a number of different effective techniques that you be used to change your subconscious thoughts, but one of my favourites is visualisation.

Visualisation Technique - Visualisation involves running through a ‘visual film’ of every aspect of a specific situation – in this case a job interview.

1. Find a room where you will have no distractions. Lying on a bed is a good idea, but sitting peacefully in a comfortable chair works just as well.

2. Close your eyes and imagine the day of the interview. Start running the ‘film’ imagining yourself getting ready in your interview clothes and feeling pleased with your appearance. Run through the journey, imagining yourself arriving in plenty of time. See yourself feeling confident as you find the specific place that you have to be, as you greet the interviewers, replying to the first question ...

3. Run through the entire day. Don’t try and run this visual film too fast. You need to think about every stage, how you will feel, sounds you will hear, things you will smell. This visual film is going to be bright and colourful. Imagine yourself, feeling confident at every stage. If you struggle with this, think about occasions when you have felt confident and apply what you felt then to this film of the interview process.

Visualisation is an ideal technique to use to banish fears and approach a job interview with confidence. However, in order for it to be successful, it is not something you want to use on a single occasion. From the moment that you hear that you’ve been invited for a job interview, you need to practice the technique daily.

Learning how to use the power of the mind to reduce your fear will make a huge difference to how you approach a job interview in the future. If you struggle with visualisation there are lots of coaches who know how to do the technique effectively. Getting to grips with it could help to make the job of your dreams a reality.

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