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Interview, What To Do Before, During, And After?
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After graduation or even during study, we have to go through some interviews to get a job and we get very confused without knowing what to do. First of all you should know that the interview is a two way street, meaning that you the interviewer will assess you qualifications and professionalism, and you will evaluate that company as well and whether it is adding to your future or not. Actually, in order to have the job, you need to do your home work before, during, and after the interview.

- Before Interview

Hundrends are waiting in the line for the same job which means that you should stand out in the crowd to get it. It all starts by choosing to be optimistic and trusting your potentials. Besides that interview is like a fight, you have to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE. Know your CV, find interview questions and answer them more than one time to get the best answer, and ask friends or family to have mock interviews or even practice in front of a mirror.

You can also prepare some success stories to highlight your skills.

Choosing what to dress is very important in an interview. For men, a suit is most recommended, choose simple perfume, and avoid wearing jewelry.

For women, a suit or suit skirt is good; avoid bright colors, too much makeup or perfume, and excessive jewelry.

Both men and women should have a neat and professional look.

When you reach the day of interview, make sure to wake up early, revise your skills, and be there before time 15 minutes at least.

-During The Interview

When you make it to the interview, salute everyone with a smile and don't shake hands unless the interviewer wants to. Also, make sure to turn off your cell phone and be quite.

Answer all questions with calmness and ask for clarification if you don't understand the questions.

Avoid actions like tapping on the table, shaking your legs, jiggling with your keys, and closing your arms because they show that you're not comfortable.

At the end thank all the interviewers and if you have any questions, address them.

-After interview:

When the interview is over, send a thank you note to the interviewer and confirm that you will be happy to join their team.

Finally you should have in mind that interviewing is skill like any other skill that you can possess and master, all you need to is practicing and going through real life interviews.

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