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Pride Yourself On Being Punctual
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Are you a punctual person? Do you pride yourself on being on time for everything? Or are you the kind of person who shows up "fashionably late"? While it is alright to be fashionably late in some situations, punctuality is very important in other situations.

It is usually alright to be fashionably late for a party, for instance. People do not want to show up too early for a party, because they will be standing around with their hands in their pockets, waiting for the fun to start. If they are a little late, on the other hand, the party will be in full swing by the time they arrive. The food and drinks will be set out, and the music will be playing. Partygoers can join their friends, mingle, and have a good time.

In other situations, however, you would not want to be fashionably late. There are some situations where lateness is frowned on and promptness is very important. At school, for instance, teachers expect students to be on time for class. Students who arrive late disrupt the class and distract other students who are trying to pay attention to the lecture. If students arrive late on test day, they may not have enough time to finish their test. Some teachers may not even allow them to take the test if they arrive late. When you go to church, you should be on time for the service. If you arrive late, everybody turns around and stares at you when you come in. Also, the pews are often full if you come in late, and you may have difficulty finding a seat without an usher's assistance.

If you were meeting friends at the mall for lunch, you would not want to be late. If you were late, they might wonder if you were standing them up. Of course, unexpected things happen, like flat tires and heavy traffic. These situations cannot be predicted or avoided, and they have to be dealt with when they happen. If you are meeting friends for lunch and you get stuck in traffic, simply call them to let them know what is going on. They will understand, and they will appreciate the call.

You would also not want to be late for a job interview. Your prospective employer has taken time out of his busy schedule to meet with you, so it is important for you to be on time. It is actually a good idea to show up a little early in order to allow time to compose yourself before your interview. That way, you will have time to use the restroom and take a few deep breaths before show time.

It might be cool to be fashionably late. However, you might want to consider being punctual. It might make your day turn out better. Also, by arriving on time, you will not miss the good stuff.

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