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401k Gold Investing: Is It For You?
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401k Gold Investing: Is It for You?

In recent times, the gold market has seen some of the highest levels of profit. If you have been paying attention to the recession and are looking for ways in which you can take advantage of gold and gold bullion, you may want to consider 401k gold investing. This simply means adding gold (and other precious metals if you choose) to your 401k. The ability to add other precious metals such as platinum and silver is dependent on your fund manager as well as the institution your company utilizes to offer 401k to employees.

Since gold has minor complications, such as in its trading, you will find that not all 401ks will allow gold investing as an option. However in order to solve this problem, simply consult with your Benefits Manager or the relevant authority in charge of your individual 401k at work to find out if 401k gold investing is a feasible option for you.

Be sure to not underestimate this 401k gold investing as simply buying gold coins for your 401k account. It is not that simple. 401k gold investing is much more intricate and requires a lot of thought and attention.

Whilst precious metals involve some risk, as do stocks and shares, they also offer a considerable amount of profit; given that gold is scarce and in demand and as such has the ability to rise at substantial levels.

Many will advise that it is better to have a gold IRA account than a gold 401k account. This is because of the risks associated with both and which would more likely be affected on a large scale in comparison of each other.

Nonetheless, 401k gold investing provides numerous benefits. You can always transfer some of the money in your 401k to gold and watch it grow. The important thing to remember is not to only have gold in your 401k due to the risks that do exist regardless of the profitability of gold.

It is always good to start off small with 401k gold investing. Purchasing gold bullion coins is one such way and you can watch what happens say for the first 6 months before you decide to continue or discontinue. Factors to keep in mind at the beginning, middle and ending of the 6 months:

- How much gold did your initial investment buy?

- How much did you pay for the gold per ounce?

- What is the price of such gold at 30, 60 and 90 days?

These questions will make it that much clearer at the end of the 6 months as to whether or not you should continue, even though you should consider that as gold is volatile, sometimes it may take more than 6 months to decide whether to continue or discontinue. However, it is a general approach to 401k gold investing.

Be smart about the choices you make. There is only so much a Financial Planner or Benefits Manager can tell you about 401k gold investing. Remember that this is your financial freedom and YOU have to be the one to care for your money and its success in gold!

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