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Popular New Year's Resolutions - Job Hunting
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Popular New Year\'s Resolutions  -  Job Hunting

Did you know that find a new job comes in as one of the top ten popular New Year’s Resolutions that people make? Of course as you know many people quickly stop working towards their resolution in the first couple of weeks of January, which has led a lot of commentators to say that job hunting is a waste of time. Personally I don’t agree. I don’t think resolutions have to necessarily start on the first of January but making a firm decision about what direction your want to move different parts of your life in is important and if approached in the right way can be extremely successful.

So if you’re resolution is to find a new job this year – what are the important things you need to consider?

What timescale do you have in mind?

Is this something you want to do within a couple of weeks, couple of months in seven or eight months? Think this through because it will have an impact on the time you devote to job hunting.

What do you want?

What type of job are you looking for? Think about the hours you would like to work, the sort of salary you’re looking for, the location. That doesn’t mean that you will get everything you want but it’s wise to write down your wishes to use as a checklist. For example if you want a job within a 20 mile radius of your home and are not prepared to compromise, there’s little point in looking further when you start your search.

What skills and technical experience do you have?

Are you clear about the skills and technical experience that are needed for the type of jobs you’re going to be applying for. Do you need to brush up on your skills or are there any skills that you need to acquire? Be honest with yourself. Remember you’re going to be job hunting in a very competitive market so there’s no point in kidding yourself that your skills are better than they are. If they need brushing up – do something about it.

How prepared are you?

Make sure that you CV is up to date and someone else has reviewed it. Start thinking about specific examples that you have that demonstrate your achievements and show your unique selling points that you will be able to use in applications and subsequently in any interviews you’re offered.

Where are you going to look for jobs?

There are lots of different places where you can look for jobs – agency, online, newspapers etc. Concentrate your efforts on the most suitable place for the type of jobs that you are looking for. Be clear about when jobs come out or arrange to have regular alerts sent to you.

How much time will you devote to job hunting?

Job Hunting takes time and it’s good to allocate specific time to doing it. If you just have some vague idea that you’ll look when one of the major papers publishes their job section each week you won’t


Many people talk about getting a new job at the beginning of the year but then nothing happens because it’s a wish and not a resolution. The more planning and preparation you can do the better. Be clear about the questions you need to ask yourself – identifying what it is that you want and where you may need to make compromises. Make sure that you’re aware of the skills and experience necessary for the type of job that you’re looking for and take steps to update any of your skills as appropriate. With the job market being so competitive you can’t afford to just leave things to chance.

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