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Tips For Finding A Job In Connecticut
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With an unemployment rate hovering around 9%, many find themselves faced with the tough task of finding a job in Connecticut. Regardless of your line of work, everyone is feeling the pinch. With so many companies choosing to outsource, or not hire at all and do with the support they have, even the most seasoned of employees have found themselves in a difficult situation. Here we discuss some simple tips for finding a job in Connecticut so you can get yourself back on the path to caring for your family.

First, be willing to learn something new. When it comes to finding a job with the right Connecticut company, it is important to market yourself as a valuable employee. This is commonly done by making your best effort to stay current with the trends in your line of work. This can be accomplished by doing something as simple as reading articles online, or possibly more involved like taking a certification course at a local Connecticut university in a new technology. Keeping your skills and knowledge current will make you more valuable than another applicant whose skills were relevant to the field 5 years ago.

Second, don't be afraid to reinvent yourself. One of the most common reasons why people have problems finding a job in Connecticut with a company is because they are afraid to consider other lines of work. Many fall into the trap of believing that they won't be successful in any other line of work, so instead of branching out into something new, they instead stick with what they know leading them to stay in a job they hate. This is an issue particularly for those who have skills in a field that is not as relevant as it once was. Fields who have sent jobs overseas, or have upgraded to new technology will deem existing skills irrelevant making it next to impossible to find a new job doing something you used to do.

Lastly, don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Even if you have realized that it is time to learn something new, many tend to gravitate towards jobs with Connecticut companies that have lines of work that they know something about. Many choose this approach because they assume they either don't have the time or the knowledge to learn a skill that is completely foreign to them. While this approach may be helpful in finding a job, it can potentially hinder you from falling into a career with a much higher earning potential.

These are just a few of the simple tips for finding a job in Connecticut. Look for ways to reinvent yourself and don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and you will have a better chance of landing the job of your dreams.

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