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Ashley Greene, Donatemydressorg And Other Organizations Help Girls Go To The Prom
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Ashley Greene has been named spokesperson for, an organization that helps young teens find affordable prom dresses. Her hope is that other girls will join her in donating prom dresses they no longer need so that others who cannot afford a new formal can still attend their high school prom.

As in the old story of Stone Soup, if all those gorgeous dresses hanging in closets across the country are put to good use on prom night, imagine how many teen-aged girls can attend a milestone event in their lives. is not the only organization that seeks to distribute prom gowns to young girls.

The Cinderella Project collects gowns and accessories from people in the community and from corporate sponsors. They accept monetary donations as well. Their aim is to help celebrate the accomplishments of young women, to encourage them to remain in school and to help them attend their high school prom.

The Cinderella Project sees the prom as more than a dance. They recognize its importance as a major point in each girl’s life, a female rite of passage that no young lady should miss. Just as Cinderella’s fairy godmother helped her become all she was destined to be, project organizers know that positive self esteem goes a long way in helping young girls become all they can be.

Founded in 1999, the Glass Slipper Project is another organization that provides high school juniors and seniors with prom dresses and accessories. It is especially well known because of attention on the Oprah Winfrey Show during its first season. Since then, numerous organizations throughout the country have set up boutiques and shops where students can shop for their dream prom gown.

As spokesperson for, Ashley Greene helps answer questions from young girls about prom and will no doubt offer a bit of fashion and dating advice.

Similar organizations include the Prom Shop Project of Dallas, Becca’s Closet, Ever After Gowns of Minneapolis, Princess & the Prom of Windsor, Connecticut and Salvation Armies throughout the country.

Dresses in sizes 14 and up are especially in demand. Most of the organizations have volunteer seamstresses who can help with a seam here, stitch on a button there, reattach a strap or freshen up a droopy bow.

A few telephone calls to the local Salvation Army, a high school counselor or others helping with prom planning can put people with prom dresses to donate in touch with someone local who would love to go to her high school prom.

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