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Popular Prom Favors Among High School Students
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Teens find certain types of prom favors appealing. Who doesn't love receiving a present? This truth holds true especially at events that celebrate milestones in people's lives. Both trendy and classic items continue to rank high when it comes to popular prom favors.

The Importance of Memory Booklets

Prom season signals an ending of the high school years at a precarious time when an entire lifetime stretches ahead. College, career and adult responsibilities loom on the horizon. Even for juniors and sophomores, that adult threshold is getting closer and closer. High school students often want to hold on to the good times, the glory days and remember their friends and school days.

Customized memory booklets remain a popular type of prom favor because they serve both as a prom gift and as a way to capture the details of the event. Memory books are an item school committees can make themselves using simple desktop publishing software. A time-saving option is to custom order them from prom supply stores. They come in assorted school colors and designs to go along with the current year's prom theme.

Often standard pages are included that work within any school's prom theme. Additional customizing includes things like name of the school, prom theme, prom song and date of the event. Inside details may feature Prom Court, senior and junior class officers, decorating committee members and even senior superlatives. Schools may customize their booklets, leaving out and adding relevant pages. Tassels are usually available and look great in contrasting colors.

New trends in prom memory booklets include metallics, confetti-filled pouches, glitter and printed covers that match individual prom themes.

Personalized Picture Frames

High school students shell out megabucks for the prom and related events. After-prom parties often call for additional ticket purchases and even outfit choices. Because so many students opt for limousines, dinner at an expensive restaurant, beauty services -- not to mention prom gowns and tuxedos, they want to remember the night with special photographs.

Prom night is one time when personalized picture frames are well worth the investment. Students enjoy sharing photos and details from their prom with future college classmates, friends and acquaintances. It becomes a kind of "who-had-the-best-yearbook?" or "who-had-the-best-prom?" competition. Picture frames also make excellent gifts for aunts, sisters and parents and grandparents they can show off for years to come. These frames are a perfect way to acknowledge that a doting grandmother or mom helped fund that special day.

Special Glassware, Mugs, Candle Holders and Candle Favors

Even though they are not of legal drinking age, it goes without saying that for many teens, becoming "legal" marks a rite of passage into adulthood. Champagne glasses are romantic and hint of romantic dinners and grand times down the road. Decorating a dresser at home, a bedside stand in a dorm room and later a bookshelf in a first apartment offer future possibilities for a well-placed memento of their high school days. Glassware can also be personalized with the event's theme, date and school.

Personalized Photo Albums

Showing off the photos and capturing the event in photographs is the only way to make this magical evening last forever. What better way to store these treasured memories than in a photo album customized to the overall event?

Personalized Key Tags and Key Chains

Other prom favors that remain popular among teens are customized key tags and key chains. Not only are key tags a memento of prom night and all it entails, but they symbolize that all important passage into adulthood – the driver’s license. Key chains have evolved over the years from simple engraved metal tags to customized plastic and acrylic chains bearing the school name, prom theme and date of the event.

More modern styles of key tags come in gold, silver and various colored glittery materials. They have room for a color photograph, prom logo and theme. Best of all, they are inexpensive.

Other key tag choices include customized masquerade masks, palm trees, Eiffel Tower designs, movie clapboards, stars, moons, hearts, music notes, clover designs, cruise ships, 1960s peace symbols, money clips, small mirrors and dance tickets. Key tag choices come with small digital clocks, bracelets and compact mirrors. Some even light up in the dark.

Old standards such as personalized acrylic frames and pouches are still popular and often include mask-shaped, star-shaped or other prom-theme confetti that is particularly eye-catching. There's a key tag choice to go along with every conceivable prom theme, school color or choice of wording. When will key chains go out of vogue? Most likely they will last as long as automobiles have engine keys. Finding vendors that will help find prom decorations and prom planning ideas for school events is as easy as searching the Internet.

Additional Popular Themed Favors

Other popular prom favors ranking high with teens include personalized mint tins, CD and DVD cases, cell phone covers and small items like lip balm, mints, candy bars and money clips. Most personalized prom favors and party gifts can be customized with the school name, prom theme, song, date and theme design. There are options for every taste and budget.

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