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School Is Out! Now What? How About A Summer Tutor?
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School is Out! Now What? How About A Summer Tutor?

Summer is almost here. So what are your kids plans for all the time they will find on their hands? Yes, there are vacations, summer camps, swim team events, picnics, time to unwind, etc. but have you thought about a summer tutor? For students who struggle, the summer months open up the opportunity for a great time of learning in a relaxed atmosphere.

Hiring a summer tutor has benefits for all involved. The child benefits, the parents benefit and the Tutor benefits. This is a great time to focus on specific areas where your child has struggled throughout the previous school year. It is also a good time for review so all they learned throughout the school year will not be lost.

The quietness of your home or library or even online offers a relaxed tutoring environment while at the same time your child isn't bombarded with too many activities after spending all day in a classroom. With fewer activities and distractions to deal with the student will be more open to learning and will have a more positive attitude.

A Tutor who specializes in a certain area is usually passionate for the subject they teach. This has a positive affect on the students they teach because a Tutor is doing what they love to do.

Summer tutoring can also be a time for your child to catch up. In the classroom the teacher is unable to give the individualized attention a student needs if he or she is having difficulty grasping a topic or concept. The Tutor can work with your child at his or her own pace.

Depending on your child's personal needs, a certified tutor is not absolutely necessary. There are often college students and high school students who have a natural bent for helping other students learn and need to earn some extra cash. This may be cost effective for you.

There was a time when students had no other choice but to attend summer school if their grades were not up to par in a certain subject. We are so very blessed to live in a time that allows us to find extra help with a touch of our fingers tips. No more having to spend part of the summer in the classroom. Not only that, but we can find a tutor of our own choosing, meet when we want, where we want to meet them and how long we spend with them.

So, let's make the best of this coming summer by enhancing your child's educational development. Give summer tutoring some serious thought. This isn't an answer for everyone but it is something you might want to consider. Just some food for thought.

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Great article Gail. I always hire a summer tutor for my daughter because I see good improvements in her. You are right in saying that a tutor who specializes in a certain area is usually passionate for the subject he teaches.

  about 1 decade ago
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