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Uses For An Altoids Case
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Perhaps you keep Altoids on hand. The great-tasting mints can help you to avoid the embarrassment of bad breath in social situations such as dates, family get-togethers, job interviews, outings with friends, or meetings with your group from sociology class. What do you do when you have eaten the last mint? Save the case. It may come in handy as a place to store various items.

One item you might store in your Altoids case is change. You might start walking to lose weight, for example, because you want to be fit for swimsuit season. While you are out walking, you might find coins on the ground. Put the coins in your Altoids case. After a month of walking, you might be very surprised by the weight that you have lost and the money that you have found. Carrying around fewer pounds will help you to feel better and will make your clothing fit better. The coins that you found might be used for tasks such as getting your laundry done or getting copies made. If you are feeling generous, you might even consider putting the money in the collection basket at church. Money is not the only item that you can store in your Altoids case, however.

You might also consider keeping the case in your desk drawer to hold items such as paper cllips or rubber bands. You can use paper clips to hold together important papers, and you can use rubber bands to hold together sturdier items, such as the stack of flash cards that you made to study for the upcoming District Literary Rally. By storing the paper clips and rubber bands in your Altoids case, they will not clutter up your desk. If your desk is neat and organized, you will be able to think more clearly. You should also feel less stressed. Having these items in one place will make them easy to find when you need them. With them out of your way, you can potentially be more productive and get more work done in less time. By getting your work out of the way, you will have more time available for other activities, such as radio or television shows that you enjoy.

If you are about to finish your Altoids, and you are considering throwing the case away when the mints are gone, consider keeping it instead. You may find a use for it.

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