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What Is The Value Of Learning?
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So, what is it exactly? Is the value of learning measurable? Or is it something one feels and experiences? More commonly, people associate the value of learning with one of two things—the amount of education that a person has attained, or how much money a person makes (more like worth). Not to sound clichè or anything, but I think the value of learning is lifelong learning. The beauty of life is that we are learning beings from the day that we are born. Some might even argue that learning begins in the womb, before even physically entering this world.

Starting from birth (I mean physically into this world), researchers have found that babies (as young as a few months old) are hardwired to learn language. For example, an infant responds more to the sound of language (any language) as opposed to a random noise (like clapping of hands, footsteps, etc.). I find this quite fascinating because I think we under estimate how smart and resilient babies are when they first enter into this world. There’s an old saying from the Chinese language that goes a little something like…once you hit age three, you are set for life. Set for life meaning one’s temperament, general habit and way of being; hence, the emphasis on doing things “right” by the time a baby turns three-years-old. Just how real is this saying, or claim?

A brain development expert at UC Davis has conducted many studies that show just how significant infants’ brains are developed that is associated with behavior later in life. Not only this, experts in the birth to age three field, has published countless articles and books on just how smart infants are and how critical this early stage of life is.

As a parent of an infant, I often wonder during my episodes of sleep deprivation, how much my baby understands this world after being in it for just a few weeks. What is my baby’s value of learning, is it simply just as a sponge, soaking up everything that is touched, heard, felt, and not just the pleasure of feeding? I know one thing for sure, my value of learning has definitely shifted since my baby was born, my life is not about me but about my kids. As such, my value of learning, is teaching and learning from my children, as there is so much to learn from the little ones. It is such a humbling experience to learn from the kids.

As a parent, it is not about just “parenting” per se, as in structuring and molding their lives for them; rather, it is about guiding them and not to forget to learn from them and ourselves. This to me, is my value of learning at this stage of my life. What is yours? How has it changed from different periods and experiences of your life?

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My value of learning is that it provides me with a way of measurement for where I have come, to where I am now, and where I want to go in the future. You can only know what you know; as a life-long learner I believe it is important that I am always asking the important questions (who, what, how, why, where, when), to know what I want to learn next.

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