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What Is Your Favorite Last - Day - Of - School Memory?
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In a little over a month, many students will celebrate their last day of school. They will turn in their books, say their goodbyes, and then go home to begin their summer break. Both students and teachers look forward to the last day of school. They have survived the school year. It is now ending, and summer vacation is about to start. Many people have fond memories of their last day of school.

In high school, for example, students get their friends and teachers to sign their yearbooks. The students can then take their yearbooks home, read the messages, and know how special they are to their friends.

Other students may have fond memories of having a movie night the night of the last day of school. They may have invited their friends over for a sleepover, had pizza, and watched great movies. A fun night like this is a great way to make the transition from school to summer break.

My favorite last-day-of-school memory is from elementary school. Every year, on the last day of school, the school I attended held a balloon launch. In preparation for the event, each student was given a helium balloon. The student attached a tag to the ribbon hanging from the balloon. The tag usually contained information such as the student's name and address. When everyone was ready, the class would go join the rest of the students who were standing in groups in front of the school, eagerly awaiting the balloon launch.

When everyone was together, the principal would begin counting down from ten. As he counted, the excitement grew. When he said "one", the students all let go of their balloons and watched them go up into the sky. They watched until the balloons disappeared.

I never knew what happened to any of my balloons, or where they fell when they finally ran out of helium. I always hoped that I would hear from someone who found my balloon, that this person would ask what I like to do, would find out that I like to write, and then would talk to someone in the writing field to line up a job for me. That never happened, of course.

I am tickled to be a blogger, because I do not have to stick with just one subject area when I write. I can write on whatever subject I choose to write on. I also enjoy being a blogger because of the freedom it gives me. I can keep my own hours and publish my work wherever I happen to be.

If I were to join a group of business professionals who were holding a balloon launch to promote their businesses, I would attach a tag to my balloon that read "Check out HollieETownsend at streetarticles." I would then daydream about who might find my balloon and how much my earnings would grow as a result of who found it.

If a housewife and mother of two young children went out to check her mail and found the balloon sitting in her yard, she would likely be curious. She might pick up the balloon and bring it in with the mail. If she had Internet access, she might look me up. Then, after reading my articles, I might perhaps get another follower on Twitter. There would likely be no professional development, however, since housewives usually do not have connections to professionals.

If an expert in the writing field found my balloon, on the other hand, that could be beneficial. This person may turn out to be my mentor, who would read my articles and tell me how I could improve them. We would work together, and I could become a success.

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