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When It Comes To High School Proms, Choose A Generic Prom Theme For Easier Decorating
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It's the time when preparations for high school proms are in full swing. As Goldilocks was fond of saying, "This one's too soft," or "This one's too hard." Finding a prom theme that is "just right" for your school is only as tough as you choose to make it. In actuality, if your school decorating committee wants to avoid a complicated affair or needs to stretch the budget without sacrificing the overall effect, choose a generic prom theme for easier decorating and execution.

Advantages of Generic Prom Themes

General prom themes are, more than anything, flexible. They allow you to drag out all that leftover blue fabric from last year. They let you incorporate the 64 6-feet-tall crayons in 24 colors the department store donated. With a general prom theme, you can find ways to utilize just about every bouquet, serving dish, goldfish bowl, star garland and puffy cloud people pull out of woodwork and attics everywhere. Best of all, they save money and free up funds to use on other parts of the event. This holds true especially in economic downturns when budgets are tight and monies are more desperately needed elsewhere.

In my years of supervising proms, I've had plenty of experience putting on proms with tiny budgets. When I look back, I realize that some of my favorite decorations were not purchased ones. They were those a clever kid made out of carpet rolls, old lumber, aluminum foil and plain paper and donated paints. When I think of my own best creations, magazine pages, toilet tissue rolls, egg cartons, paper towel rolls and aluminum foil come to mind. Really! I am not exaggerating. Some of my favorite decorations came from stuff most folks throw away or from old stuff people gave us.

Having a General Prom Theme Allowed Us to Use Generic Decorations

Just what is a generic prom theme? It's one that is open to many interpretations. It can work with almost any color scheme. It lets decorating committees use lights, flowers, clouds, glitter, streamers, balloons, singing birds, umbrellas, musical notes, potato sacks, yellow brick roads or almost anything under the sun. Oh yeah, it lets you use the sun, too. And the moon. And the stars. A generic prom theme is akin to any of the following great prom theme ideas:

  • Dreaming of Us
  • Moments in Time
  • Castle of Dreams
  • Dream Come True
  • Drifting on Clouds
  • A Fairytale Romance
  • Garden of Dreams
  • Someone Like You
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Where You Take Me
  • Think of Me
  • Promises
  • Romance and Roses
  • Black Tie Affair
  • Tails and Top Hats
  • ‘Til There Was You
  • Just Can’t Believe It
  • Crazy in Love
  • A Little Night Music
  • If Ever I Fall in Love
  • Last Waltz
  • Dance with Me
  • Last Dance
  • Dancin’ in the Dark
  • Music of the Night
  • Musical Memories
  • City Lights
  • City Nights
  • City of Dreams
  • Lights of the City
  • Light Up the Night Time
  • Night Skies

If you're in charge of decorating a high school prom, don't despair if the budget falls a bit short of what the decorations committee envisions. Choose any one of many generic prom themes and make the sky the limit. There are endlessly more high school prom themes to consider. Creating a spectacular evening that students talk about for years to come is easier to achieve if you have a wide-open theme.

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