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How To Cut Laminate In Oklahoma City
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Laminate is a popular material for interior finishing because of its flexibility and reasonable price. It is most often used as flooring but it can just as well serve as a fine surface for countertops and similar fixtures. This material is excellent as long as one knows how to cut laminate properly to maximize its potential.

Laminate is resilient to stress which allows it to last for a very long time with little maintenance required. It is also made in several different colors and designs so there’s always something that can complement the interiors of any home. The only tricky part in handling laminates is cutting them the right way to avoid problems in the long run.

Step 1

Although laminate is not as expensive as alternatives like marble flooring, it does cost a significant amount. It is only practical to make every square inch count by cutting it to the exact dimensions needed so as not to waste any bit. Be sure to plan the lengths required such that cuts can be precise.

Step 2

Now we move to the actual marking. There’s no real secret in learning how to cut laminate properly except that it has to be done with care every step of the way. Accurate measurements must be meticulously marked for later reference. If the material is going to be used as a countertop surface then it is best to place it over the area to get an idea of the finished product. Pencil is not recommended for this purpose as it can be difficult to see. What professionals typically do is to utilize masking tape which makes the lines very clear. The tape won’t budge or get erased accidentally and when the task is done, it can be pealed right away. Be sure to note corners and obstacles that need to be considered.

Step 3

After planning, measuring and marking, next comes the sawing. It is best to cut the laminate with the top facing up and having it spread on a flat stable surface. Find a good handsaw with fine tooth so that the edges will be smooth. Apply force in a single direction – downwards – as this will avoid any chipping.

Step 4

With the laminate piece cut to specifications, proceed to place it onto the sink and mark the holes at the corners. Drill into these with the piece facing down. Next up, get a jigsaw to slice through the holes creating perfectly straight lines. This can be a very delicate process so caution is advised. Place some support in the middle of the laminate while the cutting is in progress.

Step 5

With the laminate pieces ready for use, they can now be set on the surface of the countertop. Start from one direction, whether it’s left-to-right or right-to-left. Male/female joints are typically used to miter the corners.

This five step process is all there is for people who want to know how to cut laminate. This specific example is for a DIY countertop project but the techniques are equally applicable to laying down laminate flooring and other projects. The important things to remember are precision and safety given the need to employ sharp tools like saws and drills. Those who feel that they might need help should not hesitate to call interior finishing professionals.

If you still feel uncomfortable with cutting the laminate yourself, hire a contractor to perform the work for you.

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