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What You Can Do To Attract Business
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What You Can Do To Attract Business

Coffee shops have become very popular in Great Britain in recent years. They are a place where you can read your newspaper or book in peace whilst enjoying a reasonably priced snack and a good cup of coffee.

Perhaps you could add wireless access to your list of things so that people can go on the internet and do some work whilst they are sitting there.

We have become a great coffee drinking nation in recent times and we are now spoil for choice in the different melanges we are able to buy. Snacks you are able to purchase include pastries, toasts and sandwiches.

It makes sense, if you are thinking of opening your own establishment, to make the coffee shop design a little different than your competitors. These shops are easily fitted out. You will need a central counter behind which various coffee beans and percolators are placed. A board with the different drinks on offer can be displayed there too.

A display counter with tempting snacks should be at the front to get your customers to buy things that they had not previously thought of consuming.

Since these places might become centers where young mothers congregate with their offspring, it is a good idea to add a few high chairs and enough room around tables to move around. It pays to be child friendly as children will want drinks and snacks too.

Freshly brewed coffee and the smell of baking bread has always been a draw, as we well know when we want to sell our homes. You might want to fit an extractor fan near the front of the shop to expel these wonderful smells into the street.

I have been in shops where there were comfortable settees as well as the conventional tables. I spent much more than I was originally going to as the place was so comfortable. It just depends on how much room you have to incorporate this kind of seating.

The kitchen area, which does not need to be large, can be used for dishwashers and preparation purposes. This will make the overall design more streamlined and clean.

It should be mentioned that the machines used for washing up are a great deal more hygienic than sinks. These will minimise the chance of your customers picking up a bug and causing a mass outbreak of stomach complaints. Dishwashing appliances use much hotter water than our hands can stand.

Just imagine what an outbreak of stomach upsets will do for the reputation of your establishment.

In order to be successful, it is wise to try and open early to catch the commuters going to work. Most of these have not been able to prepare breakfast as they may be late and to pick up a snack to eat on their journey will be a big bonus to them. Besides your products will be much fresher than the foodstuffs they have at home.

So, you see there are many things you can do to attract customers if you are prepared to work hard with great ideas of coffee shop design.

Street Talk

Ah, coffee and baking...great combo. And you're right about the aroma, really liked the comment about having a fan to push the terrific smells out to bring people in. Have a cup of java beside me right now as I'm typing.

  about 9 years ago
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