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Raised Bed Construction
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If you have made the big leap of faith and you have finally decided that it is time to have your own raised bed in your backgarden, then give yourself a pat on the back. This is a momentous occasion and one decision that you won’t regret. Like I said if you are at this stage of the process then you could say that you are half-way there. The rest will fall into place literally because you have made the commitment and the momentum is gathering pace here. The benefits of this project are incalculable; the fact that you are moving towards your own sustainability in part should give you great encouragement.

Measurements: The standard and most common size of raised beds presently is a frame measuring approx. 8ft x 4ft. This is an ideal bed size for beginners; it will provide an area capable of accommodating several types of vegetables and is adequate in terms of getting a feel for this type of gardening. Providing that you have selected a good sunny location in your backgarden, we know that the size of this frame don’t take up a lot of space and can be situated strategically so as to blend in with the existing surroundings.

What materials to use; The best material to use for this project is by far timber. Other materials that are used are concrete blocks, railway sleepers, stone walls and other such methods, but the fact is that these alternative methods can prove quiet expensive. The timber can be sourced locally at any lumber yard or failing that, the raised bed frame complete can be purchased over the internet. A timber frame raised bed is simple to put together and will become a very sturdy structure for years to come.

Assembly; Putting this raised bed together does not require any form of expertise; basically we have a frame measuring 8” x 4”. It will have a rectangular shape and if purchased online will contain a set of instructions. If it is screws we are using all we need is a cordless drill to complete the job. What makes the frame structure sturdy and durable are what we call corner posts. These are lengths of timber measuring 2” x “2 and are placed at the four corners of the bed. The boards are secured together at each end and in turn the frame itself is then screwed to the corner posts at each right angle, thus completing the whole project. Now you have your first raised bed in place, next step is to fill with topsoil and you are now ready to begin planting. Looking back at this whole process, I would say it should take no more than 1-2 hours to complete.

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