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Raised Bed Flower Gardens
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This is the new modern chic method of gardening that is becoming very popular amongst the interested and not so interested community in the flower growing community. It is a very simple, inexpensive and productive method that is being used more and more not only with flower enthusiasts but also with vegetable growers. It is very easy to get started here, all we need is a raised bed frame, a trailer load of topsoil and away we go. The soil quality is not that important compared to vegetable requirements but nevertheless a good mixture will still be necessary. Some peat and compost can be added, which will add extra richness to the texture of the soil.

Advantages: The confined planting area within the raised bed flower garden makes life a lot easier going forward for a number of reasons. The main advantage compared to the traditional methods which we were used to is, we now have less weeding to consider. The soil is less compacted and the whole bed is aerated, which gives flowers better growing conditions. It is less likely to become waterlogged, but we need to keep watch on same so that it doesn’t dry out completely. This will depend on where we live and what type of climate we are used to.

Getting started: Forward thinking flower enthusiasts will have already begun the growing process indoors in perhaps a greenhouse or a cold frame. This makes for early blooms and we almost have an instant garden using this method. But do not let that issue become a problem as flowers and shrubs are available at any good gardening centre, which are ready for immediate outdoor planting. Advice is also freely available online on what ever our concerns are relating to sewing or setting issues. Plant annuals and perennials as this will ensure a steady return every year. Plenty practice is the solution – trial and error will tell us what types of flowers will work and are best suited for the area we are living in.

Maintenance: When we are properly set up and see what a success this method is, we will probably want a second or third bed. These will enhance the overall appearance of our lawn and adds real value to a property if done professionally and carefully. When the raised bed flower garden becomes established and is in full bloom all that is now required is watering on a fairly regular basis. In winter time when flowering has come to an end, this is the time to prepare for next year. We should fork in some well rotted farmyard manure and some compost to the raised bed flower garden and leave nature take its course. This system replenishes the soil and will ensure we have good fertile planting conditions for the following year.

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Good article, I'm a big fan of raised beds and container gardening.

  about 1 decade ago
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